A Traveller in New York City – Day 3

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March 17, 2008 by jotan23

Day 3 – Sep 1, 2007 (Saturday)

breakfast at the hotel — BACONS again!

BROOKLYN BRIDGE walking tour – yep! we crossed the bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn side on foot! hehehe

we went to 5th avenue to go to Rockefeller Center and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral when Daniel saw a super nice watch.. so we went inside.
my cousin lost her watch in California, and since Daniel is so happy with the quality of Tissot watches,
he surprised my cousin and bought her the Tissot watch.

so on we went to SAINT PATRICK’s CATHEDRAL
it was sooooo beautiful! but there were a lot of poeple (mostly tourists) so it’s kinda noisy inside

we then went to ROCKEFELLER CENTER to take pictures and up the TOP OF THE ROCK coz we wanted to avoid the long lines of The Empire State Building.
the view was breathtaking!!!

but the saddest part is… i accidentally damaged my camera’s LCD.. yup.. my precious beloved camera is now damaged…. huhuhu let’s take a moment to grieve please…

dinner time: PANCHITO’s — Zagat rated of course! this is the first time i ever tried the guacamole and it’s soooo good! i’m not exaggerating, but it was really really good! and the lime margarita too! and the Paella!! OH! we had so much fun dining in NYC!!!

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end of 3rd day

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