Bianca Nicole’s Christening

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March 17, 2008 by jotan23

March 9, 2008

at Santuario de San Antonio Church
reception was at Red Crab in Greenbelt, Makati

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it was a great day!

after having breakfast with my friends to celebrate Lily’s birthday,
Labsy and I bought congee (from Lingnam) for Sofia.

Too bad my baby is sick so she wasn’t able to go to Bianca’s Baptismal Party.

anyway, after feeding Sofia Gabrielle, Labsy and I went straight to the church.
good thing we were early or else we wouldn’t have had a good parking spot since there was a wedding after.

as soon as the priest arrived, he went inside the room and asked all the godparents to gather instantly.
the blessing was quick and before we knew it, the priest marched out the room as he was saying his last words. I thought he was going to bless the godparents as well, but no, he went straight out the door… hahahahaha

that’s why Bianca didn’t have any “formal” picture with the priest :p


After the ceremony, Labsy and I decided to stay for a while to see the bride march down the aisle.
i guess everyone did. hihihi

I think she’s from ICA… just a hunch.

anyway, upon arriving at Greenbelt, i was kinda excited because it has been a long time since I last visited the place. I am thrilled to see Greenbelt 5, and wanted to go there as soon as the party ends!

off we went to Red Crab…
the place was packed!!!
i was so happy to see a familiar face.. my good old friend, Aldrain and his girlfriend Charlynn, who happened to be Lorraine’s “barkada” so we sat with them and chatted with them the whole time.

The food was great! i loved the paella and the ensaladang talong the most!!!

Francis even prepared a video presentation for Bianca… it was fantastic!!!
i loved it!!!

Lorraine handed out cupcakes as give-aways!
another yum yum yum really!
i am not a fan of cupcakes but it was really yum yum!!!

after saying our “thank yous” and “goodbyes,” Labsy and I checked out the Macbook Air in a shop nearby. All i can say is .. WAW!
hihihi i wish i have one… *hint hint*

next stop: GREENBELT 5!!!!!
service is EXCELENTE!!!!
place is EXCELENTE!!!
price is more EXCELENTE!!! bwahahahahahah

gotta go back to ADORA with lily and marianne… hihihi
i don’t like malls but Adora makes me feel relaxed… hay!!!

next stop: KI SPA!!!
this scheduled massage was long overdue…
it was about time that we went there!!!
OMG!!! i LOVE the place!!
it was my first time to ever feel ultra relaxed in a SPA..
i even dozed off!!!
hay! the life!!!

next stop: Achie Tiff’s place
i bought some donuts from Krispy Kreme and delivered them to my nephew, Gabriel Trent.. hihihi he loves the Glazed donut!!! and i love the Special Dark Choco donut! yum yum yum again!!!
all we did there was chit-chat-chit-chat-chit-chat and promised the kids that we will see them again soon :c)

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