Goodbye, New York – Day 6

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March 17, 2008 by jotan23

Day 6 – Sep 4, 2007 (Tuesday)

The day without my cousins and daniel..

4am: bye bye achie mar, bye bye daniel, bye bye Gibs… i’ll surely miss you guys…

noon: we left our luggages at the lobby and went across the hotel to visit the park, i think it was an Irish Memorial something, i forgot ….

we then went to the glass building where we could get the best view of the WTC construction site.

hunger strikes: no where to go to eat since we were just depending on daniel to pick the restaurant for us..

we then went back to the hotel to pick up our things and hailed a cab going to Chelsea Star Hotel.
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I don’t recommend this hotel. i just booked this hotel because it was the cheapest decent place i could get.. but it still wasn’t cheap anyway!! grrr!! total rip off!!! enough about it!
i was really disappointed with the hotel.. it’s not even a hotel.. it’s just a hostel or a motel!!! grrrr!!! bad service, bad room, bad quality of everything!!!

anyway, we left our luggage there first because we were too early, check in time was 3pm. hmph!

so we walked around 7th ave and saw Macy’s.. and other stores good for shopping.. no wonder 7th ave is called the fashion district! tsk tsk tsk.. if we only knew that earlier..

after a hot sunny day walk… we ended up at Friday’s..
it was the worst Friday’s restaurant ever!
i think the place needs emergency clean-up!!!
anyway, we ordered burgers, enough to feed our hungry selves…

so we went back to the HOSTEL.
the area around it was scary, i think because i kept on looking at my back to make sure no one’s following us (getting paranoid)!

as soon as we walked inside our room, it didn’t smell right =( we couldn’t do anything about it so we let it be.
The carpet inside the room was filthy!
and the pillows were flat, the chair was broken, etc etc etc..

luckily, the bathroom was really clean. (whew)

Good thing we brought extra shirts and used them to cover the pillows coz i didn’t want our face to touch them hahaha

anyway, davis decided to take a nap and i decided to take a break at the bathroom..
suddenly, i heard these weird noises!
we got surprised!
Davis even woke up!


the guests in the next room were having sex– loud banging!!!

the guy just kept telling the woman to “KEEP QUIET!”

The walls were too thin that we can even hear normal conversation voices from other rooms!
i will definitely… definitely never ever go back to that hotel!!!

anyway, we then changed quickly to go to TIMES SQUARE.
we stopped by Starbucks and I tried Achie Mar’s Passion tea Lemonade.
It was really good! but i guess i liked the Blueberry White Iced tea more

watch Les Miserables…

i bought the souvenir program and a souvenir magnet…

during the intermission, i bought the CD only because the seller told me that Lea Salonga was in the recording.. i opened the case immediately to check..

OMG!! i couldn’t find Lea’s name on it!

so after the show, i went back for refund but the guy told me that he can’t take it back because it was already opened.. i was so shocked! it was $60!!!! i need to get my refund!!!

so i explained the main reason why i bought it.. because the guy downstairs selling the cd told me that Lea was included in the recording.. so he asked me to wait.. i waited anxiously because i am so worried that i might not be able to catch Lea outside..

finally, all the audience left and we were left alone.. the manager approached the guy who sold me the cd and asked him if he indeed told me that lea was included in the cd..
he was nice enough to admit his mistake! so i got my $60 back and went running up and outside!!!

i was soooooo lucky because i was able to catch most of the main cast and had their autographs and I even had pictures with them!!!

the casts were the best!!! especially DREW SARICH (Jean Valjean) and the boy who played Gavroche – Brian D’Addario. he was truly amazing!!! i was so lucky i was able to get a picture with both of them plus i got their autographs too!!!

finally.. LEA SALONGA… but she doesn’t seem excited to see her fans…
i was kinda disappointed but then again, i understand that she just came back from the Philippines. She must be sooo tired and had a long night too so she wants to go home and rest of course.. i’m really thankful because davis and I were able to take pictures with her.. and i got her autograph too!! :>

we then walked around Time’s Square to look for food….

but then we weren’t successful and ended up in a pizza place across the theater…
JOHN’s PIZZERIA. it was ok, but not close to ‘Lil Frankie’s :p

the waitress kept coming back waiting for our payment.. so irritating!!!

headed back to the hostel…

end of Day 6

the following day was our scheduled flight back to Chicago…

Until then, New York City

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