Livin’ as New Yorkers do – day 4

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March 17, 2008 by jotan23

Day 4 – Sep 2, 2007 (Sunday)

breakfast at the hotel — Bacons … again …
at this point, i just wanna throw up hahahaha

shopping at CENTURY 21 because Daniel wanted to buy a pair of pants that would really fit him. He needs a European fit since he’s really tall. so it’s hard to buy pants for his size.
i was lucky to get the last size small Kenneth Cole long sleeved shirt for my dear Uncle Ching Piao. i hope he likes it and i hope the housemaid doesn’t ruin it *hint* As for Daniel, surprisingly, no pants fitted him well!! weird!

we then went across to take more pics at the former WTC SITE . – it was called “the former world trade center” then “ground zero” now, “future world trade center” since they are currently doing the construction for the new world trade center. we always passed by this site going back to the hotel.. and it feels so sad remembering how many lives were taken from the Sep 11 attack…

going on…

we had lunch at CAFE LALO .. a super nice place for brunch lunch or dinner.
this is the famous shop from “You’ve Got Mail”
my goodness gracious again! Their Super Shake was fantastic! it’s really SUPERB!!!
hay! the salads were also terrific! and the sandwich too! and the dessert! my Rum Raisin ice cream was the best! i was searching for the Rum Raisin flavor for years now!
I was so happy they have it! oh! and the restroom was fantastic!!! it’s the best restroom in whole of NYC!!! hahahaha i loved it!

next stop: CENTRAL PARK
we waisted so much time going here coz we got lost in the subway.. huhuhu!
the reason was due to some trains that were not operating that whole weekend, they mixed the schedule of the trains because it was labor day weekend…
we were rushing pa naman because achie mar had to meet “her friend” at a place near the Rockefeller Center.
Daniel was already irritated coz we were wasting time and moments where they could take great shots of central park. No more stop overs and no more taking pictures, we just have to go and walk fast.
Then, we got lost inside while finding our way out. Finally.. we were out of Central Park.

we then parted ways at subway station, achie mar and daniel had to go somewhere else.
little did daniel know that he was in for a big surprise!!!
achie mar handed the tickets to Daniel and took her camera out. Daniel even complained why he was supposed to hold the tickets and papers while she takes out the camera. and achie mar just told him to read on.. and viola! now he understood why they were in a hurry.. now he knew why achie mar was trying to persuade him to bring his camera bag (which he did not, by the way).. they were going to watch MAMMA MIA …and so they did…

Gibs, Davis and I on the other hand, were trying our best to reach the UNION SQUARE to get to VIRGIN MEGA STORE coz my cousin Gibs wanted to buy some good Graphic Novels.
It was crazy in union square, it reminded me of Divisoria! hahahaha but it had a great view of the Empire State Building 🙂

dinner: after losing hope with our Map-reading capabilities, we asked some passersby about directions going to SALA. finally.. we reached Sala.. and there i saw Michele Lim, my lovely friend from High School .. still sexy of course! so sophisticated CheleLim!!! she treated us at Sala with great appetizers and a pticher of Sangria.. yummy!! i missed her so much!!!! i wish the night doesn’t end!! she even got Gibs to talk! and join us in our conversation! that’s the magic Michele has!!!

after dinner: we went to 13 LOUNGE and BAR near NYU.
lucky we!
we got free drinksfrom the bar and free entrance too but as the clock hit 11pm, goodbye free drinks! hello expensive drinks and hello dance floor!!
we even made my introvert cousin believed that we were approached by the bouncer and that everybody should be dancing or else we will be charged for our seats.. hahaha so he was forced to dance!!! thanks to Michele! there were a lot of “first times” that night! and it was awesome!! we really had fun! Daniel and Achie mar followed afterwards and had a great time too! thanks to Michele again

we went home really really early… in the morning! hahahaha

end of day 4, start of day 5

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