Wakeboarding at Lago de Oro

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March 17, 2008 by jotan23

Hanap niyo ba ay SAKIT NG KATAWAN?
(Are you looking for body ache?)


(to the tune of Regine V’s BYAHE TAYO)

Tara na, byahe tayo (Let’s go for a trip)
Halina’t mag-kneeboard tayo! (Let’s try Knee-boarding)
punta na… sa Lago De Oro..” (Let’s go to Lago De Oro)

uuuuy…napakanta ka no? hehehe


January 31, 2008

4:45 am: I woke up… groggy and weak but still I had rouse from sleep so I could take my warm shower..and so i did. I finished quickly, dressed up then.. *ring* I check my cellphone and saw that Labsy is calling.. that means he’s already downstairs. I ran to the gate and let him in…Microwaved the KFC meal mama bought the night before and prepared our breakfast.

5:30 am: I texted Marianne and told her that I would just finish my sandwich then we’ll be on our way to pick her up… and off we go…

6:00 am: I called up Marianne.. *ring..ring*
Marianne: (sleepy voice) hello?
Me: hello Marianne, dito na kmi (we’re here)
Marianne: HA?! oh no! kakagising ko lang! (i just woke up)
Me: (laughing) cge, di bale, dito nalang kmi sa car, hintayin ka namin (that’s ok, we’ll just wait in the car)
Marianne: cge, bibilisan ko nalang magbibihis nalang ako (ok, i’ll be fast)

i texted her not to worry and for her to take her time and eat her breakfast.

after a few minutes…

Marianne and Alvin greeted us and jumped into the car.

*blah blah blah blah blah*

we were all sooo excited as we were on our way to Ligie’s house.
my goodness! ang hirap pala magpark kila Lig!!! (it’s so hard to park the car at Ligie’s)

fortunately, Davis’s driving is exceptional!
hahahahaha cyempre lahat kami tensionado as we park the car coz if you were there, you will understand y!!!!

anyway, so we switched cars.
Ligie brought her driver along…Dong!!!
(Alvin: Dong, Dong, Dong) <— an inside joke that only "we" understand

after 4 hours (nobody slept in the car as we were all so excited and so daldal)…
we finally arrived at Lago De Oro

Lig lead us to the reception area and we paid for our Beginner’s Ticket, which was 480 pesos (Kneeboard all you can until you get to finish ONE round)

anyway, before that, as Lig leads us to the reception area, the two boys (Davis and Alvin) trotted behind us.

Davis: (calling out to me) Jo! Jo!

i stopped on my track..

ME: baket? (why?)

Davis: matutuwa ka… (you’ll be happy)

ME: baket? (why?)

and with that.. my eyes fell on one wakeboarder….
there he was… my Gerald..

i was all smiles and Davis knew that I now knew what he was trying to tell me ….


anyway, after paying the receptionist, we changed our clothes and headed to the water..

I was still super excited to see “him” and couldn’t wait a moment to have a picture with him so i did.. jologs na nga i know and nakakahiya but who cares? he won’t remember me anyway hehehe so there… as easy as 1-2-3.. nagpose ako and *click* hihihihi

after that, we approached one of the people there and told them that it’s our first time to try kneeboarding and that we need some pointers and instructions.
We had a little demo (ako ung demo)
and he told us where to turn and what was the right thing to do if and when certain situations arise.

Lig was the first one to try. Actually, Davis and I were the only first-timers. For Lig, Marianne and Alvin, it’s their second time. So there, Lig was really good.. she was able to get the full round without any difficulty. Sisiw!

I was the 2nd one to try… kabado of course because I was afraid I could get into some wild accident and break my arm or hit my face with something. cyempre scary..


dramatic take off!

i remember praying while the cable drags me…

to my surprise, i got through the first buoys.. then the next .. then the next and before I know it, i finished the whole first round!
nyek! that means my time was up! anyeye!
i asked if i could have another round.. and the cable guy was nice enough to let me try once more. i had 3 good rounds.

ain’t I good? hahahahahhahaha

anyway, bottom line was we were all able to finish at least one round 🙂

and I am proud to say that I never fell…not even once!!! amazing!

we had a blast!
laughing at each other and laughing at other people as well… :p
Even Gerald’s group was laughing with us
naks! feeling close? hahahahaha
since there were only a few of us playing, it was so worth it!

the star that day was Gerald’s assistant..
na pinagtawanan ni Lig ng harap-harapan HAHAHAHAHA
with comments like.. “FACE-DIVE!” etc
hahahahahaha kc nga naman, take-off palang, salpak na agad ang mukha nya sa water

We plan on doing this again next month…
well, wakeboard next to be different.
I bet it’s so hard. It really requires good balance.
and the next time we go there, for sure i will have to exercise for at least 2 weeks..
i need to lift some dumbbells in order for me to be able to hold on to the cable a little bit longer.

right now (evening of Feb 1, 2008), my body is sore! especially the muscles right below my shoulders, my back, etc.. hahahaha upper body workout!!!


January 31, 2008

we planned to go to some beach near Lago De Oro right after kneeboarding but I guess we were all too tired to go so we ended up at Sonya’s Garden to eat. We arrived at Sonya’s at around 2pm and we were still so hyped up at the thought of kneeboarding.

We enjoyed the salad the most… yummy!!!

everybody’s too tired as we went home..
lahat natulog na sa car except for me *teehee* …

then Lig suggested that we stay in her house first to sing and eat dinner.
and so we did…

nag-Magic Sing muna while playing with Jose
then nag-dinner and then I had coffee na rin… (lalong na-hyper)

we said our goodbyes…

the climax of the day came…
ang pag-atras ng car palabas ng compound nila Lig…

napawis kaming lahat sa tension!!!
galing tlga ni Labsy!
nakalabas ng walang gasgas ang car :p

and so we all went home happy.. and contented…

till next time…

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