Singapore Galore (Part 2 – Vivo City, Sentosa)


March 18, 2008 by jotan23

breakfast: leftover sandwich from NAIA :p

Mimi adviced us to take the bus from the condo to Vivo City. (1.48 SGD)

Upon arriving, we decided to walk around Vivo City first.
The M)phosis was ON SALE!!
but i was too lazy to go in coz the place was packed!

then we took pictures of SENTOSA from Vivo City’s rooftop.

we also had our lunch there:
Salmon Yu Sheng (Good Wealth meal, 16.80 SGD)
it is served every Chinese New year only (according to Uls, this is available for a limited time only, and u have to wish before eating the meal.. oh well! too late! we didn’t know we had to wish hahahaha :p )

Coconut cake (4 pcs for 2 SGD, Philippines’ Pan de Coco is a lot yummier!)

Bah Kut Teh (Pork Ribs Soup, 6 SGD) – my mom’s pork ribs soup is way better too! I didn’t like that one much coz it smelled like a carabao hahahahaha but it was also good.

Yuan Yang (we think it’s a coffee 1.8 SGD)
Korean Bimbimbop for Davis (6 SGD)

accdg to Uls, the foodcourt at Vivo City is authentic that’s why the price is not cheap because the sellers are the original.. Ama/Angkong (grandparents)

instead of taking the Cable Car (17 SGD) ride to Sentosa, we took the monorail (3 SGD) instead since Mimi told us that the one at Ocean Park in Hong Kong is way way better.

we alighted at the first stop: Sentosa Flowers Tales of Spring 2008

I was awestruck by the flowers i’ve seen!
so fresh, so colorful, so wonderful!

then we took a bus going to the Silosa Beach station because I wanted to try the Trapeze, but it was closed when we got there and even if it is open, i don’t think i am dressed for that coz i am wewaring my tube/shorts, which is kinda loose for that :p hihihi

anyway, we decided to walk the whole stretch of Siloso beach nalang going to the Songs of the Sea ticket booth so we could explore the area.

after ten thousand years, we finally reached the ticket booth!
we bought 2 tickets for the 7:40 pm show (6 SGD each)

since it was still early, we strolled around first and took more pictures of the Sentosa Flowers.
the day was super hot so i bought their 3 SGD bottled water.

next: SKYRIDE and LUGE (9 SGD)
hihihi i got nervous while we were at the Skyride! hihihi
it’s just like a ski lift, but on the ski lift, u will fall on the snow down below, while on a skyride, you don’t even know where they will find you when you fall hahahaha

The luge was the most fun part of all!
Davis got so excited that he never slowed down! scary!
As for me, i kept on braking to slow down! hihihi

then we headed to the Underwater World area to catch my “Dive with the Sharks”
unfortunately… i was 15 minutes late.. buhuhuhuhuhu

i felt real bad about it 😦

i thought it was my chance since i hate diving under water!
but there, i feel confident that it’s safe coz it’s not in open water, it’s just inside the shark tank so for me, it’s better coz the sharks are well fed… i think?! hihihi
oh well! that’s one thing i will be looking forward to my next Singapore trip :p

so we killed time by sun bathing on the beach (WITHOUT SUNSCREEN!!!)

finally, it’s time to head back… as we were walking toward the bus stop, we saw the Trapeze show! amazing! super fun!
that’s one more activity to look forward to next!

it was wonderfully done –the lights–the water–the effects, EVERYTHING!
we recorded a video of this but it was too long to be uploaded in youtube hihihi

next: SKYRIDE/LUGE again!
this time: it’s only Davis who got up :p
he got 3 SGD off by showing his Songs of the Sea ticket 🙂

time to go home.. so tired!

next: EAT dinner at the hawker area (bus stop)
beef noodles soup – 5 SGD
Curry Laksa – 3 SGD
Lemon Barley drink – 0.6 SGD (tastes like Philippines’ sago’t gulaman again :p )
Coconut juice – 1.2 SGD

Final stop: took the bus home (1.48 SGD)

we weren’t able to drink our wines the night before so we did it tonight 🙂

by the way, we were TOASTED!!!

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3 thoughts on “Singapore Galore (Part 2 – Vivo City, Sentosa)

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey!!How was the dive with the sharks? Could you tell me moer about it? thanks!:)

  2. jotan23 says:

    as much as i wanted, we were too late for the dive 😦

  3. Anonymous says:

    loooked fun

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