Singapore Galore (Part 3 – GMAX / dinner with friends / Singapore Sling)

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March 18, 2008 by jotan23

Labsy and I decided to buy the Tourist Day Pass again for this long day.
so off we went to LRT/MRT transfer to Chinatown (3.53 SGD)

time for lunch!!!!
Chinatown’s hawkers are the best!!!!

Duck Laksa: 3 SGD
Duck noodles: 2.5 SGD (would you believe how cheap this is?)
Sugar cane juice (Large): 1.3 SGD
fried carrot cake (tastes like omelette, in short: nothing special): 3 SGD
2 Foie Gras (cheap Chinatown cooking style :p ): 0.80 each
rice: 0.50 SGD
Papaya juice: 1.5 SGD (note that their fruit juices are unsweetened, so the next time you buy a fruit juice, make sure you really like the fruit whether it’s sweet or not!)
Soya Chendol: 2 SGD (tastes like soya milk with red mongo beans plus plus gulaman plus plus but it was really good!)
Super beancurd: 1.2 SGD (Philippines’ taho :p )


Next: bought the tourist day pass (8 SGD)

next: went to Clarke Quay to ride the GMAX!!!!

after getting off the MRT station, we didn’t know where to go to next so we asked which exit should we take: the lady pointed us to “C”… my goodness! there was no escalators in “C” exit HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
the stairs seemed endless!
i dunno how many levels there was. i would never want to do that ever again! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA and worst of it all… we realized after walking some more that it was so near the 1st exit we took, before we approached the ticket sales lady. HAHAHA

anyway, we took pictures first, then we walked towards the GMAX ride across the river.

they were still doing their routine maintenance check so we decided to take a walk around the area took some more pics.
the place is more like Greenbelt Makati or Serendra in Bonifacio heights style.

anyway, after 30 minutes, we decided to go back and bought the GMAX tickets: 40 SGD each, plus the dvd 10 SGD
and then… ZOOM!
(you can watch a sample ride here:

best time to ride the GMAX: close to sunset!!!

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next stop: BUGIS
this is the largest street shopping location in Singapore.
More like Divisoria of the Philippines.
I thought the magnets here are cheaper… NOPE!
hihihihi coz they get their stocks from Chinatown :p

the day was so hot!
so we bought some fruit juices:
red dragonfruit juice: 1.50 SGD
guava juice: 1.00 SGD

off we go..

next: Mustafa
this is located at Farrer Park.
anyway, it is where most Pinoys and Indians buy their stuff.

It’s a 24-hour mall and they say it’s cheaper here.
When u enter the store, your bags should be taken to the security guards and have them sealed.
also, when u buy something, even if it is in a small plastic bag, they will seal it also.

anyway, we didn’t stay long coz we’re not there to do some shopping. We just wanted to see the place.

next: Chinatown again
we went back to buy my magnet (2 SGD)

then we met Marie and Ian near the MRT entrance πŸ™‚
it was so nice to see them again!!

*special thanks to Cinds again for the “kababayan sim card”!!! hehehe

next: Lau Pa Sat
we took off from Raffles City MRT station and walked towards the Lau Pa Sat area.

They sell street foods, famous for their Satays.
(note: you should dine at the streets, not inside the roofed area to experience the fun) πŸ™‚

we ordered food asap coz we were hungry!

satay: 22 SGD (but the waiter gave us the bigger platter hihihi)
BBQ stingray: 15 SGD
4 rice: 0.50 each

a pitcher of Tiger Beer (for me and Davis since our friends don’t drink): 14.50 SGD
crispy baby squid: 18 SGD
veggie: 6 SGD


next: Raffles Hotel (The Long Bar)
Uls said that this is the most expensive hotel in Singapore.
anyway, i’ve read in most reviews that this is a MUST TRY in Singapore so there!
we just got surprised of the price though… hihihihi 24.70 SGD plus tax! (EACH) whew!

time to go home…

we decided to return the Tourist Day Pass that night to avoid the hassle the next day. (refund: 10 SGD)

we used the EZ link card from City Hall MRT on our way home


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