Singapore Galore (Part 4 – Jurong Bird Park)

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March 18, 2008 by jotan23

Marie and I agreed to meet at the park at 9am since there will be a “Birds of Prey” show at 10am.

Labsy and I rode the MRT going to Boon Lay (1.69 SGD – from Keat Hong LRT)
from there, we took a bus (can be 194 or 251) to Jurong Bird Park (0.36 SGD)

admission ticket (without the panorail): 18 SGD
(it’s a really small park so we don’t need the panorail — additional 4 SGD)

it’s still too early, so we decided to go to the African Wetlands and Penguin exhibit first.

the most striking bird that I saw was the African Shoebill!

at first, i thought that it was just a statue of some sort but then it moved..


AMAZING!!!! :p

i was so amazed at the shoebill.. how i wished I had a DSLR with me!!!

DEX / IVS, for sure, u’ll love to take pictures of the shoebill !!!!

anyway, the park in general was lovely, the birds were flying freely; although, some are still in cages like the hunting birds such as eagles, vultures, etc.

but the pelicans, flamingos, african birds, macaws, etc were out in the open!

time for the show:
BIRDS OF PREY SHOW (Fuji World of Hawks)

It was AMAZING!!!
they were able to train the vultures, eagles, owls, etc!!!

every single bird had its own grand entrance.
They also showed some tricks!

i was so excited when I was chosen to be the “adult” volunteer from the crowd hihihi
they asked me to go backstage and so i did…
when i got there, i was so awe stricken to see the eagle in front of me!
as the falconer was introducing the bird to me..
i was just staring at the bird and kept repeating what the guy was telling me to repeat while placing the bird on my left arm..


i forgot everything he told me when he asked me to repeat what he has just told me..

anyway, when i came out, with the eagle on my left hand, the audiences’ expression was “WOW” HAHAHAHHAHAHAH

the show must go on na!
the hosts were joking as they placed another eagle on my right hand and it’s getting heavy!
they told me that they will be having a coffee break first and left!! hahahahaha

then, they asked me to introduce my friend, Rocky. He’s a Malay Eagle Owl and he’s 28 years old!

oh! and there’s this embarassing Q&A portion…

they asked me if i knew how many degrees can an owl turn its head…
I answered i don’t know.. then guessed 360? HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH
stupid! the host asked the audience, and an Indian agreed that I was right. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH at least I’m not alone :p

The host said that is completely WRONG!
hahahahahah if the owl’s head turns 360, it will fall off!

360 is the bird’s eye view but an owl can only turn its head 270 degrees!

anyway, i got a souvenir postcard from the show :c)

we then went to the BIRDS AND BUDDIES show.
the show was super fun coz the birds were colorful and not scary unlike the first show :p
this time, it’s more for young audience…
by the way, Marie and Ian were late.. they didn’t make it to the Birds of Prey show. but they were able to make it at the Birds and Buddies show.

The birds were fully trained, the hornbills, the macaws, etc!
Even the flamingos and pelicans!

we super enjoyed the show!
it was so worth it!

to everyone wanting to visit the Jurong Bird Park, it is a must for you to watch the Birds of Buddies show!! and the Birds of Prey show also (morning and afternoon coz the shows are different — AM and PM).

we went to Bongo Burgers, the only resto at the bird park.
I ordered Lamb Burger plus Iced Green Tea (13.80 SGD)
while Davis ordered the Beef Burger plus Sprite (13.80 SGD)

okay, we’re now energized

we strolled around the park once again and took PICTURES!!!

we also watched the Pelican Feeding Show.

the day was so hot and so tiring!

we were too tired to go inside the aviaries so we just walked past by them.

then it’s time to watch the afternoon Birds of Prey show, which is different from the morning show. Too bad Marie and Ian didn’t get to see it.
Personally, i liked the first one more coz the birds were more fierce.
There was a vulture at i think about my height during the morning show!!!

anyway, the afternoon show was BIRDS OF PREY SHOW (KING OF THE SKIES) so birds were swooping here and there.. their wings were like in your face! that was how inter-active the shows are!!!

time to go home..
oops.. gotta eat first :p

bus to MRT station from Bird Park: 0.35 SGD

we went inside the mall to check their foodcourt.
OH NO! Chinese food! buhuhuhuhuhu
nothing new to try!
i was looking for Roti Prata but i wasn’t able to try that!!!
too bad!
anyway, i bought Iced Milo (1.30 SGD) coz i was soooo thirsty

i kept on searching for something to eat but there’s nothing appealing to me =
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