Flowering Amaryllis

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March 24, 2008 by jotan23

After YEARS of waiting, my Amaryllis plant has finally bloomed!!!!

I don’t mind if it was just 1 flower..

I was ecstatic to see my Amaryllis bloom!

the color was bright and vivid.

I first saw the Amaryllis plant way back in college (that was like 9 years ago) and I fell in love at once!

So I bought one and left it as is.

I figured that it needed some fertilizer so I bought fertilizers for the soil and for flowering plants as well, but to my dismay, nothing happened.

After a few months, I noticed that there were a few leaves coming out beside my plant and that was when I realized that my Amaryllis plant was multiplying.

I took out some of the smaller Amaryllis bulbs and placed them in a different pot container.
However, they never bloomed as well. Hihihihi

So I thought that maybe it will never bloom anyway and left my plants outside the window.
I never watered the plants and relied on the rain and sun to take care of them :p

and then one day after so many years…

I saw a tiny stalk coming out from the mother bulb and that was when I was sure that it’s flowering… AT LONG LAST!!!

I was keeping watch every day until the day my Amaryllis finally opened its petals in full swing..


I wish I don’t have to wait years again to watch it bloom.

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