Holyweek-end at Subic

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March 25, 2008 by jotan23

It was such a wonderful day when we went to Subic — no traffic, no road closures, no nothing!

We even got to try the newly opened road to Subic, so total travel time was about 2 hours only (from Manila).

Upon arriving, a police patrol car met us up near the toll gate.
They escorted us to Royal Subic for grocery shopping before we checked in to our 4 bedroom unit in Subic homes, which was 12,500 Php a night.

We rested for a while and put all our things in our designated rooms.
After that, we went out for quick tour of Subic.

We saw the famous monkeys that are freely roaming the streets near the bats area.

There was a couple of monkeys carrying their babies :c)
It was such a cute sight!!!
They were adorable!

At the end of the day, dinner was cooked at home.

The only disadvantage of renting a house instead of checking in to a hotel would be the number of bathrooms I guess.
It was kind of hard to wait on people before you take a shower if you really wanted to rest asap.
oh well!

Anyway, we slept really early that night, and woke up really early the next day too, which I think was good since we only share 2 bathrooms.

Zoobic Zafari Adventure was our first stop.
Entrance fee was 495 Php per head.
Each group has its own tour guide, and we were under the group TAN-LEE :c)

As soon as we entered the Zoo, we were greeted by their tamed TIGER.

But, since there was a huge number of people in the area, feeding the tiger some milk (for picture taking) was not offered.
But that’s okay :c)

After a short orientation, we proceeded to the audiences’ waiting area to watch the show.
The show was good, except for the fact that the “gay” dance was looooooooooong hehehe
Some people even took off earlier during the show because it was so hot and they weren’t amused with the gays’ flirty dance numbers.

And so the show went on…

until it was time for our group to go on tour.

It was really nice for the kids because the potbellied pig and ponies and sheeps and goats were freely roaming the zoo so they could touch and interact with the animals.

The day was perfect except that there were a lot of guests inside and the day was so hot :c)

I didn’t like the Rodent’s World because I really really despise rats or mice :p
My hairs stick out whenever I see them.
They’re so gross… :p

Then off we went to the Tiger Zafari…
They cut the trail short because of the long line of people waiting for their turn.
They shouldn’t have done that because we payed exactly the same as the normal rate and we should have toured the whole ground.

Our group consisted of 18 pax so we rode in one jeep and paid 200 Php for the undressed chicken, which was to be fed to the tigers.

It was exciting inside the jeep.
We had the best seats, second to the last row so we were able to take great pictures of the tiger.
Too bad, the tigers that day weren’t as big as the others so they weren’t able to jump on top of our jeep. It would have been a great view to watch them eat from the roof.

Next, we went to the Crocodile area and watched the Aeta Dance show.
The kids loved it so much!
The Aetas were so agile. Our favorite was the monkey dance!!! :c)

We also went to the Ostrich area, which is also their breeding area.

The ostriches are also free to roam around.
We were riding our own vehicles by the way :c)

It was already 3pm and we haven’t had lunch yet!!!

The group decided to have lunch at Ocean Adventure but as soon as we got there, the dolphin show was about to start. So we had to watch the show first before eating.
The ticket was 450 Php per pax. It includes dolphin and sea lion show. Separate fees apply if you want to have a picture taken with the dolphins or if you want to swim with them.

Surprisingly, the food and drinks were not expensive!
They also offer foods that children can eat like fried chicken :c)

One of us were chosen to be part of the sea lion show and it was such a great experience :c)
The kids loved the sea lion most, because during the dolphin show, the animal is most of the time in the water and rarely goes up in the air to do its acrobatic stunts.

Then we went inside the Oceanarium.. thank goodness for aircon!!!

After that, we looked around the souvenir shop before leaving the Ocean Adventure.
The items are not expensive as normal theme parks are.
It was really such a neat surprise!
The kids got stuffed animal toys to take home and they were really happy for that :c)


As soon as we arrived home, we took turns taking quick showers.
After having our dinner, we went out, with our Baileys Drink tagging along, to go to the Boardwalk.
We parked near The Lighthouse because we were intrigued by it.
Labsy and I went inside to inquire and to take wee-wee break too ;p
The rooms are expensive.
Room rates are 6000++, 7000++, 8000++ and 9000++
but I saw in the pictures that they have a great view of the sea and the rooms are at par with the hotels in Manila.
I guess their target market would be foreigners from all over the world.
The place was really really nice!
Given the chance, I would also want to try spending a night at The Lighthouse in Subic.

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