April 2, 2008 by jotan23

I just want to share with you a letter my friend received from her sweet loving father.

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August 2007

Dear Ivy Anne and Jon dexter,

In a couple of months, I would be leaving the Philippines to find a new beginning, a different path as your Mama Anita and I face the twilight of our lives, in the land of so-called opportunities, the United States of America.

I find it unnecessary to put into writing my pent-up emotions, but as the time of departure nears I could not hide from the fact that I’ll end up crying, so this might ease a little pain of being away from your family.

I apologize if I am over protective as a father, I love all of you very much that I have tried to protect you all the time, comfort you in your time of despair and discontent and provide you with all the necessities that would help you become responsible citizens and productive individuals.

Not once did I feel that family life, having children, as an interruption to my career or to my personal life. You hold a unique place in my heart. You deservedly belong there, and what matters to all of you should matter to me.

I really missed the times that I could frequently give you hugs, a sense of belonging – even if sometimes all of you wiggle out of my arms. But I know that what I gave through that simple gesture provided you with the acceptance, love and warmth that you could give your partners in life and your own children.

As much as possible I tried to keep my promises so that you trust me and build a meaningful relationship. It is in the hope that once you have grown up and are no longer under our care you would be able to trust yourselves to make the right and timely decisions in life.

I hope that I was able to encourage all of you – make that extra shove – to develop the real you. Build that confidence to face life’s myriad challenges, equipped you well enough to provide for you and your family and a stream of full understanding to accept the things that you could not change.

As I am an active servant of the Lord and He has been the center of our lives for the past many years, I am confident that He would continue to guide you to establish an identity, a reputation and a wonderful life separate of our own.
Make us proud to be your parents and build up on whatever we leave you here in the Philippines.

Remember that your Mama Anita and I will always be there for you even if we are miles away.

Papa Boy

**** I just want to share with you a letter my Pop wrote to us when my parents and sister left for the US. It has always been my dream to be like them as parents. Of course we often talk through Skype (thank you!) but the thought of not holding their hand, hugging them and giving them kisses on their cheeks for a long time is sad for me. Haaaay, i miss my family. I want to win the Lotto!!!!


  1. Anonymous says:

    distance makes us realise how much we missed them 🙂

  2. I agree, distance makes people more important to us when in the past, we have almost neglected them.

  3. jsncruz says:

    I find this such a touching story because I can truly relate. I've grown up being away and far from my parents, and the distance kills me sometimes. I just keep holding on to the hope that eventually, we will all be together again.

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