A Perfect Trip – BORACAY


April 29, 2008 by jotan23

BORACAY will always hold a special place in our hearts…

BORACAY is truly the best beach, not just in the Philippines, but in the world!!!

Hero of the day — batang bangkero, who dived to get Davis’s snorkels.

he’s so young.. around 12 yrs old, i think.
He sells Buko on his raft, waiting for us while we were snorkelling
STRIPE and me. He never left me alone!!!
PUCA Beach

Shopping at Station 1 (these are cheaper at Station 3)

FLYFISH – the best water ride ever!!!

Mount Luho – on top of Bora island. You can get here by tricycle or by riding an ATV

Our fabulous HENNA TATTOOS

Davis’s work of art – WE LOVE/HEART BORA 2005

Ligie the Mermaid in Station 1 Boracay :p

the famous groto at Station 1 in Boracay

Massage by the beach — HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (for just 250-300 pesos!!!)

noontime — and we’re still barefoot!!! (it’s because the sand is always cool in Boracay)

Parasailing in Boracay — we saw a sea turtle from above!!! lucky us!

Siesta by the beach

We also tried the Kayak — it was tiring but FUN!!!
JONAS Shakes are the best!!!

Saturday Night at Club Paraw

Banana Boat Ride – it’s nothing compared to FLYFISH!! woohoo!!
Circle of Friends

Until Then, Boracay…. we’ll see you again soon…

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3 thoughts on “A Perfect Trip – BORACAY

  1. Marie says:

    i miss boracay,hope i can visit again soon

  2. Wow lovely photos, is there a good atmosphere there, mostly at nightlife. Where did you stay in boracay, is it good facilities there???

    Tanya Gemarin

  3. jotan23 says:

    Hi Tanya,

    this was ages ago 🙂
    we stayed at Boracay Courtyard, which is now Astoria 🙂

    I would highly recommend MANDARIN BORACAY 🙂


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