Lunch at Spiral in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

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May 7, 2008 by jotan23

Manong has been here in the Philippines since mid-April and it was only yesterday that we were able to bring him out.
We started really early.
10am – Davis picked us up from the house and went straight to Manong’s place in Masangkay.
10:40am – Manong accompanied Davis to LTO in Tayuman to fix Davis’s license. (Davis got his license when he was i think 14 years old.. that’s why they need to fix the age in his license now)
anyway, we reached Spiral restaurant in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila at around 12:30 pm.
Good thing we made reservations because the place was packed!
I even saw Senator Cayetano hihihi
to start off, I tried the wide variety of CHEESES.. oooooooooohhhh.. they were all soooooo yummy!!!
actually, that was my most favorite part of the LUNCH BUFFET.. the CHEESE!!!
then, i tried the smoked appies and salad :c)
oooooooooh……. fabulous! yum yum yum too!!!
next: COLD SHELLFISH section
they served fresh oysters, mussels, shrimps and crabs.
they were okay :c) i like them served HOT hihihi
next: the JAPANESE FOOD section.
they have fresh salmon, fresh tuna and fresh TAI (red snapper).
I am not a fan of those raw fishes so i skipped them.
I tried the Negi-toro Maki (raw Tuna Belly with green onions in a roll) and it was also good 🙂
i also tried the tempura. Crunchy to the tail! hihihi loved it!
next: INDIAN FOOD section
i was kinda disappointed for not finding any Roti Prata.
BUT i got really excited to see the LAMB CHOPS!!!
my favorite!!!
i got myself quite a huge helping of LAMB CHOPS!!!!
and of course.. it wouldn’t be perfect without the mint jelly.
I was so satisfied with it!
the LAMB CHOPS were cooked to perfection!!!
i would love to get more but i had to leave enough room for dessert later.
until then LAMB CHOPS… until then…
i was never a fan of Chinese Food so I carefully picked the ones that I like the most.
I saw the sweets section and found MOONCAKES!!
it has been a while since I last tasted a mooncake..
oh! how yummy!! the sweetness was just right..
it was moist and tender and hahay! i just loved it!
i also liked the Peking Duck wrapped in lumpia wrapper topped with hoisin sauce.
it’s one of my favorites when I was a kid.
the one I tried in Spiral wasn’t that yummy but it was okay 🙂
not much to see and taste.
I was looking for the cold noodles but i didn’t find any.
the Kimchi didn’t look appetizing so I chose not to try them.
next: DESSERT!!!
i was too excited to try the sugarless Dark Chocolate mousse but as soon as i tried it.. elck!
it certainly was sugarless! hahahahaha

the choco fondue was fantastic!!!
it was so rich, tasted like cacao!!!
yum yum yum!
i like my sweet pineapples with the choco fondue :c)
i got a lot hihihi

and the fruits were sweet too. I got ripe mangoes and watermelons.
I wish they offered seedless watermelons :p

the ice creams were okay.
they were creamy but I prefer the ice cream at HEAT in Edsa Shangrila more :c)

next: RELAX
hahahahaha after our food escapade, we had to relax for a while.

We were 4 (me, Davis, Manong and mama)
good thing we brought 2 membership cards so we only paid for 2 buffet meals hihihi
thanks to Uncle David for lending us the cards hihihi
total bill for 2 lunch buffets: Php 3687.22
it was truly worth it!!!!

Since Manong lived abroad for several years now, he wasn’t able to see how Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila has changed through the years, so we decided to take a walk in the pool area :c)

That’s Davis, Manong and me

for reservations,
you may contact:
Spiral in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila
CCP Complex Roxas Boulevard Pasay City 1300 MANILA, PHILIPPINES
(+63)2/5515555 – (+63)2/5515610

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