North Luzon Road Trip


May 17, 2008 by jotan23

“Tara Na! Byahe Tayo!”

Vigan, Ilocos Sur; Fort Ilocandia, Ilocos Norte; Laoag ; Cape Bojeador Lighthouse; Bangui Windfarm; Pagudpud; Kaibigan Falls; Blue Lagoon; Tuguegarao City; Banaue Rice Terraces

This trip was a really memorable one for all of us :c)

taken at the famous Crisologo Street in Vigan city

Fort Ilocandia

Paoay Church (all the while we thought that this was the church on the 10 peso bill hihihi)

Saint William Church

view from the veranda of Malacañang of the North

Malacañang of the North with Labsydoo

Sta. Monica Church and Bell Tower in Sarat

Bacarra Bowing Tower
it’s also a sinking bell tower but it’s called the Bowing tower because the structure was leaning (like the tower of pisa) when a huge earthquake struck Ilocos Norte. At present, the top of the tower has already fell down and this is what’s left of it. Most of the fallen parts are still surrounding the area.

tres marias with the South China Sea

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

super scary experience just to reach the top of the lighthouse!

stucked at the Bangui Windmill Farm!
uhm.. to the left.. nope, to the right..

with Labsydoo at the Windfarm

Laughtrip at Pagudpud
i think it took us quite a while to get this shot because the huge waves were taking davis (our photographer) away..

Trekking towards the hidden falls

goofing around as we got to the falls

Kaibigan Falls

the Blue Lagoon is also considered as the Boracay of the North.. you can obviously see why

Patapat Bridge

this is the long curving road across the Pagudpud beach

“Golden Gate Bridge of the North”

Nuestra Señora de Piat in Tuguegarao City
this is the counterpart of Our Lady of Manaoag

Callao Cave

Breathtaking view of the Banaue Rice Terraces

Ifugao siblings

Group pic with the Igorots
(they have to be paid whenever you wish to take pictures with them)

an elderly Igorot

trying to go down the steps…but we retreated back because it was just too hot!

part of the picture

what are you pointing at?

sweet place

with our trademark

Ethnic Village

11 thoughts on “North Luzon Road Trip

  1. Anonymous says:

    i LOVE the Philippines!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great Pictures.. I am planning to take my family to those places..a road trip experience instead of bringing them to HK Disneyland.. Where did you stay during your road trip?my email is

  3. Cha LaTorre says:

    hi! we are planning to go north on march, almost the same destinations as you traveled … around how much will we spend and how long did it take you guys? hoping to hear from you!!!!

  4. jotan23 says:

    Hi Cha LaTorre,We spent about 5k per pax for 5D4N i think,.But it’s all in (with gas, lodging and food)Sorry, it’s been a long time already 🙂 so I really couldn’t even give you tips on where to stay.JoTan

  5. Anonymous says:

    nice pictures…looked like it was an interesting trip.i stumbled across your blog and browsed thru it. my husband and i and another couple are planning a trip up north this summer. will you please recommend places to stay at that you tried on your trip? we would really appreciate that. 🙂 thanks!leni

  6. jotan23 says:

    Hi Leni :)you should definitely go to Balay Da Blas at Laoag!!!the place is huge with a very CHEAP price!!!I could also recommend a really really nice car rental with driver who could tour you around pangasinan and sagada as well.JoTan

  7. indayguapa says:

    nice! you did this for 5 days?i’m doing another north luzon road trip for the 2nd year in a row. last year we did anawangin-capones-hundred islands-la union-bulacan, this year we aiming for more places and we have more than a week to do it – april 4-12.

  8. jotan23 says:

    Hi indayguapa :)wow! anawangin and capones?i’ve always wanted to go there!wish we could go there this year.any tips? 🙂

  9. Lala says:

    O wow!!! i love your pics. wish i can go there too. my question is, you brought your car & drove all around for 5 days? hmmm… i dont drive but my brother does, but i dont think he's willing to drive for 5 days… what do you recommend? maybe a car rental? is is wise to do that? did you plan the whole trip by yourself or did you avail of a package tour from a travel agency? i want to bring my relatives from canada but have no time to do everything so an agency would be convenient. any suggestion?thanks,Ooohlala

  10. jotan23 says:

    Hello Lala :)Yes, we brought our own car :)If only one of you knows how to drive, it would be better if you would just rent a car WITH driver 🙂 OR better yet, invite someone else who's also willing to drive alternately with your brother :)We arranged all the itinerary and booked by ourselves.It's really easy :)and it'll be so much fun! like an adventure :)JoTan

  11. Marie says:

    so many places in the country that needs to explore, ty for sharing with us

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