Lily’s Bridal Shower

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September 15, 2008 by jotan23

Lily’s Bridal Shower Venue: Millennium Plaza

We rented the one bedroom suite for 2,800 pesos only.
The price was really cheap and it comes with 2 free breakfasts!!!

Bedroom (Queen Size Bed)

Living Area (really spacious)
Lily’s best buds

ChelleKi’s gift: Body Shower
Lily’s into SPAmperings :p
My gift: Pink and Choco-brown lingerie combination
After opening my gift, Lily told me that she was supposed to buy that same lingerie…
Good thing she didn’t!!! ;p

Marianne’s gift: LOTS of TOPSHOP undies!!!
they were all SUPER CUTE!!!!
soooooo LILY-like! hihihi

Maricris’s gift: another CUTEsie patootsie panty

our masterpieces: “The PENIS beauty collection”
(L-R) Mr. “Supot,” Mr. Choco Brownie, Mr. Condomaniac, Mr. GiganTITIc, Mr. “Tulo”

Best bridal gown in the making…

The designers with their favorite model

Ribbon and floral details

“Princess Chinese Newspaper Bride”

Tan-tan-tanan…. Viola!
Meet the newlyweds… Mr. and Mrs. Reagan Lee

Official wedding date to be celebrated on September 28, 2008
can’t wait for the BIG EVENT!!!


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