FROYO (Frozen Yogurt)


October 12, 2008 by jotan23

I have passed this little dessert place more than a hundred times already and just recently, when the weather was cold, I finally decided to try it out…

My Labsy and I were the only customers inside (of course, it was raining all day.. who would want to have a frozen yogurt that time but me? hihihi)

Here’s Yoh-gurt Froz’s menu board:

hmmm.. Should I order the Solo (one fruit flavor)?
or Seasonal (fruit flavors that are not always available)?
or Combo (a mixture of two fruit flavors)?
or Fun (flavors other than fruits)?
I don’t think I want any of those… because I want to be able to munch the fruits while savoring the taste of the plain frozen yogurt.

I asked the cashier what their best seller is.
She pointed to the menu board so I ordered the Fro-yo (80 pesos) with Strawberries (10 pesos), Mango (5 pesos) and Kiwi (10 pesos).
My total bill was 105 pesos for a teaser sized cup. (I am comparing the size to Ice Monster’s)

My frozen yogurt took less than 3 minutes to prepare…
and it looked inviting!

After having a few spoonfuls, I was a little bit disappointed because it tasted like McDonald’s Sundae with a little tang 🙂
I find it sweet for a fro-yo (frozen yogurt).
Also, the strawberries were a bit mushy, but the mangoes and kiwis were sweet!
Maybe I expected too much from it but all in all, this experience was okay 🙂

It’s good to know that more and more establishments are giving consumers a healthier alternative.
Take Yoh-gurt Froz for example 🙂
As they say, yogurt is good for your health. Why?
Because yogurt is well tolerated by most lactose intolerant people. It promotes regularity and it enhances immunity. It is also believed to be a “healing food” against diarrhea.
Eating Yogurt also helps reduce cholesterol (good for your heart)!

Yoh-gurt Froz can be found in Thompson’s Square, Tomas Morato, Quezon City (In front of Tempura and Office Warehouse)
Their contact number is
(02) 373-9651

Other Yoh-gurt Froz store locations:
SM Mall Of Asia, Building B, 2nd Floor (near Food Court)
Robinson’s Place Manila, 3rd Level, Midtown Wing (across Toys ‘R Us)

Yoh-gurt Froz claims that their frozen yogurt is 98% fat-free 🙂
so why not try it now?
Love ice cream?
Try frozen yogurts!!!! 🙂


One thought on “FROYO (Frozen Yogurt)

  1. Yoh-gurt Froz just opened its 4th branch at Bonifacio High Street, inside Hobbes and Landes. Visit us now!

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