Chef’s Quarters Brasserie & Wine Bar (Robinson’s Place, Ermita)


May 11, 2009 by jotan23

A friend recommended Chef’s Quarters and I was impressed when the server told me that the owners were from Le Souffle.
Unfortunately, I guess I expected too much.

Service: ***** (5 stars)
Price/Value for Money: **** (4 stars)
Food: *** (3 stars)
Ambiance: **** (4 stars)

To start off, we ordered the North Carolina Pulled Pork (Php 395) with cabbage relish, tomato-coriander salsa and raspberry sauce.
It was really really good, especially the bread.

French Onion Soup (Php 150) – was okay.

Baked 3-Cheese Lasagna (Php 375)

Roasted Chicken with rice stuffing (Php 295)

The meat was tender but the sauce was sweet and it can be a bit overpowering in the end.

Petite Fillet Mignon (Php 260) in wild mushroom sauce, with potatoes and vegetables

Fish and Chips Basket (Php 195)

Penne Carbonara (Php 195)

My main dish was Marinated Duck Confit (Php 390) in lemon-orange sauce, served with potatoes and salad.

It was the last dish served since it really takes a long time to prepare.
I was so excited to try it but when I did, I was truly disappointed,
I believe that the sauce was burned because it has a bitter after-taste.
No complaint was made because we did not want to wait 30 more minutes for another duck confit 😦

Chef’s Quarters (Robinson’s Place, Ermita)

1st Level, Robinsons Midtown
Pedro Gil cor. Adriatico St
Tel Numbers: 381-3449; 381-7716; 567-1910

2 thoughts on “Chef’s Quarters Brasserie & Wine Bar (Robinson’s Place, Ermita)

  1. gourmandtales says:

    too bad you didnt enjoy your chef quarter experience

  2. Marie says:

    great shots! GB and more power

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