After Dinner Snack at NOMNOMNOM

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October 25, 2009 by jotan23

Okay, so we were looking for a dessert place and we thought NOMNOMNOM was one.
To our surprise, it was NOT! hihihi
Anyway, since we’re already there, we decided to try their bestsellers.
First, we ordered FOURPLAY.
FOURPLAY – Pita Chips served with Salsa, Hommus, Mottabal and roasted Garlic (Php 120)
hmmm… not bad!
i liked their homemade SALSA. It goes really well with the chips.
oh! and the garlic was gooooooooooooood!
The ambience was quite nice too 🙂
It’s a good tambayan for friends like us.
FRIED RAVIOLI – Crispy fried pasta pockets stuffed with spinach and mushrooms
6 pcs – Php 80
12 pcs – Php 150
Of course, we ordered the dozen! hihihihi
Our verdict? Nothing spectacular but it was okay 🙂
If we didn’t order the Fourplay, we could’ve appreciated this one more.
(There was suya factor with the sauces)
For drinks, my friends ordered Apple Slushie  (Php 50) and Cranberry Slushie (Php 50).
Note: these are not fruit shakes; rather,  these are juices mixed with crushed ice 🙂
Very refreshing and filling :p
We also ordered a pizza log, specifically their Malinomnom.
hmmm…. the server seemed to have forgotten about it…
still waiting…
still waiting…
Time to follow up on our order….
Yep! the server did forget!
Did I mention that we were the only customers inside?
and yet, this happened… so sad 😦
Anyway, good thing we were all in  a good mood so we waited some more for the pizza to come 🙂
Yey! Finally, it has arrivied!
MALINOMNOM – Tinapa, Kesong Puti, Red Egg, Onions (Php 195)
The mix of ingredients were delicious but it would’ve have been yummier if only the crust was thinner and crispier 🙂
1 Tomas Morato corner E. Rodriguez Ave.
(beside Shell Gasoline Station)
for caterings, you may contact 0917-824-2154

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