Bubble Tea at The Block


March 11, 2010 by jotan23

“Bubble tea is a sweetly flavored tea beverage invented in Taiwan. Drink recipes may vary, but most bubble teas contain a tea base mixed with fruit (or fruit syrup) and/or milk and also contains tapioca balls. These teas are shaken to mix the ingredients and the “bubble” moniker refers to both the foam formed in this process and the tapioca balls added to the drink.” – wikipedia
I have always liked bubble teas and my cravings were always satisfied with Ersao in Banawe
But the Bubble Tea at The Block is way better than Ersao πŸ™‚
Their most popular drinks are the milk based drinks; and, their bestsellers are Royal Milk Tea and Strawberry Milk Tea. You can order them hot or cold.
The Royal Milk Tea (S-50, M-70, L-80) is the simplest one. It tasted like Teh Tarik with sweet sago or tapioca. I ordered the Large size.
The tapiocas used were a mixture of small ones and big ones, which added “fun” as you drink it.
The Strawberry Milk Tea (S-65, M-85, L-95) was SUPERB!!!
It was just the right sweetness and the strawberry was not overpowering.
There were bits of strawberries mixed with the tapioca as you sip the milk tea.
They also have Milkshakes, which was served with ice cream on top.
Price ranges from Php 115 to Php 145.
The Black Sesame Milk Shake (M-120, L-130) sounds interesting! Maybe I should try that next time.
TIP: you can add some extras such as egg pudding (Php 15) to your drink, or vanilla ice cream (php 15) too πŸ™‚ Mmmmmmmmmm
We also ordered food:
GYOZA UDON (Php 140) – 3 gyoza dumplings in miso soup with vegetables and udon noodle
The gyoza was quite disappointing but the soup was great with the sichimi red chili powder.
Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich (Php 155) – Teriyaki glazed chicken and lettuce with wasabi mayo
My friend loves this but for me, the teriyaki chicken was a bit too salty, probably because of too much sauce.
Chicken Teriyaki Doria (Php 185) – Teriyaki chicken on baked rice with melted mozzarella cheese
No, we are not a fan of teriyaki chickens :p
This was a mistake order and we decided to get it instead of returning it.
The cheese was a good neutralizer with the teriyaki sauce because the sauce was too much for me.
I couldn’t even taste the chicken anymore.
I’ll stick to their drinks next time :p
Bubble Tea
G/F The Block, SM North EDSA
Quezon City

4 thoughts on “Bubble Tea at The Block

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm also a fellow Bubble Tea lover. After work esp during mall's extended hours, I try to get a late dinner or take out. I like the Seafood Melt Doria as well as the sushis. If only they don't cost a fortune, I frequent them.My favorite drink is the Almond Milkshake and my friend loves the Taro flavor.

  2. jotan23 says:

    oh yes! i've recently tried the almond drink πŸ™‚ super yummy!!!

  3. Marie says:

    how come there's no bubble tea at megamall 😦

  4. jotan23 says:

    they used to have one at the food court. The location must have not been good for them

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