Peanut Butter Company (PB CO.)


April 20, 2010 by jotan23

I’ve always liked Peanut Butter and I got excited when I heard about Peanut Butter Company at SM North EDSA.

There were lots of flavors to choose from!

I couldn’t believe there were chili, sun dried tomato, curry, dark chocolate and green tea flavored peanut butter flavors!!

We tried ELVIS, THE KING SANDWICH (Php 155), which consists of crunchy peanut butter, bacon and banana.

This was a bit heavy and is highly recommended to be shared with someone 🙂
I hope the bacon was crunchy because it was too soggy with the banana.

We also tried the BOX OF CHIPS (Php 65), fried seasoned potato slices.

It would have been better if it came with a dip.
Anyway, it does not come with any dips so we ordered the PEANUT CUCUMBER MAYO (Php 35)

It tasted more like cucumber mayo with only a slight hint of peanut butter.

The BLACK FOREST dessert SANDWICH (Php 135) was the best!
It’s dark chocolate peanut butter, cherries with vanilla cream cheese.

We asked for some samples of their peanut butter.

(Clockwise from Top Left) Dark Chocolate, Sesame Seed, Green Tea, Crunchy, Chili
I wish they will make a sandwich with GREEN TEA and DARK CHOCOLATE.
It’s heaven!!!

We also tried their pastas.

The CLASSIC SPAGHETTI (Php 135) was a surprise as well.

I would never imagine putting peanut butter on my spaghetti but hey, this worked out GUHREAT!!!

The FISH DIABLO PASTA (Php 185) was also good, but is only enjoyable for those who love spicy dishes. This consisted of CHILI PEANUT BUTTER and spicy tomato sauce.

Another special thing that got me pretty excited with Peanut Butter Company was their drink selection:

They even have my favorite! The HAWAIIAN PUNCH drink!!!
I am sure these drinks will definitely satisfy your thirst!

They also offer a “REFILL ALL YOU CAN” drink for coffee lovers, which is good for dine-in only of course.

PEANUT BUTTER COMPANY was opened last December 2009 and now has 2 branches – SM NORTH and SM CLARK.

The idea was from PEANUT BUTTER and CO from NEW YORK.
They did a pretty good job copying the idea :p
I wish there will be more branches of PEANUT BUTTER COMPANY across the whole PHILIPPINES 🙂

Between SKY Garden Entrance and IMAX Theater
2nd Level, SM City North EDSA Main Mall
North Avenue corner EDSA,
401-3826, 710-0534

5 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Company (PB CO.)

  1. oh yum! I love peanut butter too.. 🙂 but i usually spread it on bread. Haven't tried it added in main dishes.

  2. jotan23 says:

    you'll be surprised at how good Peanut Butter is when mixed with other recipes other than bread!

  3. just wondering, did you buy any of the peanut butter flavors (cinnamon, curry, green tea, etc.) and was it good?

  4. jotan23 says:

    nope, i did not buy but I was able to try them.They give out free taste samplers :)The green tea goes best with the dark choco 🙂

  5. masarap yung dark choco peanut butter

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