Jouvin-Arejola Wedding in Balai Taal


April 27, 2010 by jotan23

LIGHTS and SOUNDS: Mr. Sensitivity
MUSICIAN: Harpist: Holly Angel Paraiso

INVITES made by the couple

It was raining cats and dogs the day before the wedding and the garden was literally building pools of muds!!!

We were all worried for my cousin’s garden wedding because it was already 3AM and the rain was still pouring.

I would like to commend TENTWORLD SERVICES for their help!
The wedding wouldn’t be as lovely as it was if it wasn’t for their team!

Their team did not leave the venue and did everything they can to make the venue for the wedding perfect!!!

We woke up and … voila! Balai Taal was heavenly!
The place was picture perfect!

Again, many thanks to TENTWORLD SERVICES!!! Karlo Santos, you’re the man!

Bride Marilyn Arejola was super happy 🙂

Getting made up:

The bride and her immediate family

The groom and his immediate family

Daniel loved his JC Buendia suit 🙂  (DFJ – Daniel Francois Jouvin)

Flower girly girl, Geanna Thereze See (Gown by JC Buendia)

Ring Bearer, Sean Xavier Fong (Vest/Shorts ensemble by JC Buendia)

Maid of Honor, Joanne Catherine Tan (Dress by JC Buendia)

The wedding ceremony was so intimate and lovely!
Holly Angel Paraiso, harpist, provided the most beautiful music for the event.

To watch Holly play, click here.

Daniel can’t help but cry as soon as he saw Marilyn walk down the aisle

K Cunanan was super kind to lend us her beige carpet 🙂

Cheese from Santi’s deli, Moet Champagne from France, Buko Tarts from Rowena’s

Wines were bought from Ralph’s Wines and Spirits.

The bar was set up by K Cunanan for FREE but we had to pay for the bartender.

All alcohols were provided by the couple while James, the bride’s cousin helped with the drinks!

Fanny Wong, event host, and her boyfriend Jon

With the other even host, Stephane Toussaint


Cocktail hour was fun especially because of the drinks and Cliquebooth :p

Post nup shots:

While everybody’s enjoying the cocktails, the couple went up the road to practice their dance.

K Cunanan did a fabulous job with the table set-ups and food!!!

Splendid evening indeed!!!

Everyone’s spirit was up that night! Laughing and crying at the same time :p

Again, a big thank you to TENTWORLD SERVICES for making this day possible!!!

Isabelle was so comfortable and happy that she took her sandals off 🙂
Almost all the ladies changed to their slippers also on the dance floor!

After dinner, MR. SENSITIVITY made sure the fog machine was up and running for the couple’s dance number 🙂
It was awesome! Here’s the link to the video: CLICK HERE

The couple’s first dance was so great that everybody joined in right after!
Balai Taal’s garden 3 was the perfect venue for this!

After the party, guests could just stay on the dance floor or head to bed upstairs!
Kids also get to enjoy because they have their own little party inside the house :p

To watch their onsite video made by BOB NICOLAS, CLICK HERE

For BALAI TAAL rates, please VIEW HERE


6 thoughts on “Jouvin-Arejola Wedding in Balai Taal

  1. Mar says:

    So nostalgic… :-). Thnx for the post, I'll forward this to Daniel and family :-).

  2. 茂恒 says:

    每一粒厄運的種子,卻包孕著未來豐盛的果實 ..................................................

  3. Marie says:

    I do photography and I love the black an white effects

  4. Nicely says:

    Hi! Would you know how much rental ng clear tents sa Tentworld?

  5. jotan23 says:

    you may contact Karlo 🙂
    Tell him you were referred by JoTan 🙂

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