Rappelling and Camping at Balumbong River


May 12, 2010 by jotan23

It was my first time to join a group of mountaineers and adrenaline junkies.
Thanks to Analynne for dragging me… and now I’m hooked!!!
First, we had to trek to reach the Balumbong Railway Bridge.

The group chose Balumbong Railway Bridge in Calauan, Laguna as the rappelling jump off spot.
(photo taken by Analynne Sison)
It was about 50 meters (160 feet) high, and it scared me to death!!!
The bridge was made up of old sturdy woods and rusty railway.
The view from the top was breathtaking …
(photo by Reste Ismael)

….but crossing it was another problem :p 
The gaps were too wide!!!!
 (photo by Analynne Sison)

But we still braved the Balumbong Railway Bridge to reach the rappelling spot.

When we arrived, the group was already preparing the gears, ropes, harness, etc for safety.
and now we’re ready…..
 (photo by Analynne Sison)
Mel was the first to rappel down…..he chose to rappel facing forward!!!!
Some chose to rappel down the other rope, the thinner one, which is faster
After rappelling, we had to climb up the mountain again to reach the bridge.
Finally, it’s our turn!
 Analynne gets to jump first 🙂
We had to make sure we don’t trip over those ropes!!
Safety  first!!! Pat, our jumpman, made sure we were secured before letting us jump 🙂
Thanks, Pat!
(photo by Analynne Sison)
That’s how high the jump was!
Rappelling from the Balumbong Railway Bridge was unforgettable!

Time to head to camp.
We set up our tents beside the Balumbong River with Balumbong Waterfalls as our view 🙂
 (photo by Analynne Sison)
(photo by Miguel Mapalad)

Camping at Balumbong River made me realize how simple life can be and how sweet it is to live that way.
The locals wash their clothes in the river
 They get water from Balumbong River as well.

Analynne said that out of all the campsites she’s been, Balumbong has the best “toilet”
yep, that’s the “toilet” :p

TIP: if you don’t like to cook, bring bread and canned SPAM or canned Vienna Sausage 🙂
I’m glad I brought bread and spam with me because we accidentally locked the car keys inside the car, together with Analynne’s cooking stove :p

Perfect way to end the night…..
it wouldn’t be complete without a campfire of course 🙂
(photo by Reste Ismael)
Balumbong is one of the best campsites in the Philippines!!! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Rappelling and Camping at Balumbong River

  1. Marie says:

    It's kinda scary,but the pictures are all great

  2. Marie says:

    It's kinda scary,but the pictures are all great

  3. Anonymous says:

    hi cool pics! haha! funny thing about the toilet :)-angel-

  4. Makuapo says:

    The Railway Bridge is called Palikpik-Ayungin. I think it's the deepest railway bridge in the country.

  5. jotan23 says:

    thanks for the info, Makuapo 🙂

  6. Sir John says:

    Yes, here in our town, it is called the Palikpik-ayungin railbridge in Brgy. Perez, Calauan, Laguna. The highest railway bridge in the Philippines. Some of our kababayans there are afraid of crossing that bridge especially the young ones.

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