Penong’s – Best Barbecue House in Davao


May 16, 2010 by jotan23

No wonder Mang Inasal couldn’t penetrate the Davao market.
Penong’s was here first and they do not seem to slow down 🙂
This wasn’t my first time to eat at Penong’s and I’d love to come back again and again!!!
For appies, we ordered the PRITONG ISOL (Php 55)
 Very good pulutan! These are fried chicken tails 🙂 hihihi yummeee
 Another good dish best paired with beer — BAGAYBAY (Php 38 per 100 grams)
I love it!!! This is not normally served in Manila. Ivy said that it’s Tuna’s BALLS!!! YUM!
One more yummy dish – SINUGBANG PUSIT  (Php 58 per 100 grams)
Best of all, their CHICKEN INATO with UNLIMITED RICE!!!
Their atsara (pickled veggies) is a winner! 
The barbecue chicken is tasty even without the vinegar dressing!
I am in love with Penong’s Chicken Inato!!! Very affordable and super filling!
Their Inato meals come with atsara, soup and unlimited rice 🙂
INATO 1 – 3 pcs Pork BBQ – Php58 (Spicy – Php 65)
INATO 2 – 1 pc Chicken BBQ – Php 63 (Spicy – Php 70)
INATO 3 – 2 pcs PorkChop – Php 80
INATO 4 – 2 pcs Sinugbang Tiyan ng Baboy – Php 70
INATO 5 – 1 pc Chicken BBQ and 1 pc Pork BBQ – Php 73

PENONG’S Barbecue Seafoods and Grill
Davao City
(I hope they bring it to Manila!!!)

3 thoughts on “Penong’s – Best Barbecue House in Davao

  1. Marie says:

    oh my, i hope to try this when i get back to Davao

  2. Kat says:

    Hey, I've heard about this place in Davao 🙂 Never been to Davao, but I'll definitely visit this place if I go to Davao 🙂

  3. may branch na sa manila, sa Legarda, malapit sa mendiola

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