Raja Korean Restaurant in Tagaytay


July 16, 2010 by jotan23

We decided to have lunch at RAJA KOREAN RESTAURANT first before checking in at ONE TAGAYTAY PLACE.

The restaurant offers regular tables and low tables like the ones in Korea.
The place was awfully quiet for a lunch time. 
There were no customers when we came in.
We were quite apprehensive in ordering most of the dishes because we do not know if the food here is okay or not.
So we decided to order just a couple, the safe ones:

For appetizers, we were given the following:
I like the beansprouts. Good thing I didn’t order the CHICKEN GIZZARDS because it was given to us as appies 🙂 Yum!

Nothing still beats the Bimbimbop in CAFE MONACO!!!

KIMCHI CHIGE / Kimchi Soup (Php250)
It was okay  🙂 
A hot soup is always good during a cold weather.

Halfway through our meal, the chef decided to give us another treat (since we are the only customers in the restaurant) 
It’s luncheon meat with carrots, pickled veggies and egg 🙂 
It was really good.

Raja Korean Restaurant might be a busy place during dinner, but I’m not so sure about it.
Maybe I’ll come back next time to try their grilled meats.

Magallanes Square, Tagaytay City

2 thoughts on “Raja Korean Restaurant in Tagaytay

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi! we are looking for a function hall this december.. and we heard that there's one in RAJA. Can I have your contact number so I can call and inquire.. thanks a lot! GOd bless.. =)

  2. jotan23 says:

    Hello, sorry, I do not know their contact details

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