Going Loco Over Coco’s Wedding

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October 1, 2010 by jotan23

Everybody’s going loco over Coco’s wedding!

I must admit that the very first time I saw the teaser, I was just speechless!
It was the best wedding video I have ever seen!
This is not an exaggeration, but a mere fact, ladies and gentlemen!
Still do not want to believe me? Then play this and watch your jaws drop:
Coco + James // Teaser from Americana Cinema on Vimeo.
Coco and James also had a mini documentary of the video:
Coco + James // Short film from Americana Cinema on Vimeo.
Also featured on Coco Rocha’s blog:

Americana Cinema

Destination Luxury

New York Magazine

Coco Rocha, one of the most sought after model in the fashion industry, posted her wedding films on her blog this weekend. The wedding films shot by Americana Cinema is now creating buzz in the fashion and wedding industry for their breathtaking visuals.

Venue: Chateau de Challain located outside the town of Angers in the Loire Valley

Directed by: Gilbert Le

Wedding dress by: Zac Posen

Wedding Coordinator: Cynthia Nicholson

Second Unit Director: David Christopher Lee

Edited by: Gilbert Le

Camera Operator: Duc Nguyen

Production Coordinator: Lisa Nguyen

Production Assistant:  Jeaniffer Hwang

Makeup: Liz Pugh for Rimmel London

Tuxedo Courtesy of Dior

Music playlist:

“Hallelujah” – Jeff Buckley

“Teen Angst -M83

“Samskeyti – Sigur Ros

“Carolyns Fingers -Cocteau Twins

“Lost – The Mary Onettes

I really like Coco Rocha! 
She seems to be a fun-loving girl!!! 🙂
This was her Fashion Night Out with Zac Posen, her bridal gown designer.
Coco Rocha’s Fashion’s Night Out from Americana Cinema on Vimeo.

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