Day ONE – DownBelow in Kota Kinabalu


December 10, 2010 by jotan23

August 14, 2010 marked our DAY ONE in Kota Kinabalu.
We had booked DOWNBELOW for a HALF-DAY guided snorkelling at Gaya Island (RM 180/pax)

DOWNBELOW staff picked us up early from the hotel, together with other guests.

We then transferred to a boat going to Tunku Abdul Rahman Park on Gaya Island where “rainforest meets the reef”  located just 10 minutes boat ride from the city.
Their packages were perfect for beginners and experienced snorkellers.

Each group had a designated guide who made sure that we were all familiarized with the equipments first before we proceed.
*** DOWNBELOW provided full snorkelling equipments – including the vests.
and so it’s time to start our snorkelling session:

We haven’t started yet when we saw this jellyfish
Our guide was kind enough to walk all the way towards the bushes to leave the jellyfish there.

Clownfishes were everywhere

Look what our guide saw —  a colorful crab claw
Giant Clam

Free entertainment by our DOWNBELOW guide
I wonder how they do this?!

a school of ShrimpFish / RazorFish swimming vertically

We were lucky to have spotted a lion fish

This one I am not sure. Is it a velvet fish? 
a stone fish maybe?
We wouldn’t have spotted all these without our guide.

We especially loved having encountered this Hawksbill Turtle

Plenty of pink anemones around
Also, there were lots of sea urchins – from small to HUGE

Live corals

Black and White Puffer Fish

After snorkelling, we went back to the main house and had our buffet lunch, which was also included with the fee. 
They served us Rice, Chicken Curry and Vegetables. 
There was also an unlimited supply of water and coffee for everybody.

While the rest of the guests continued with their snorkelling, we decided to explore the island and hike up the trail. 
Before we go, a staff handed us a two-way radio “just in case.” (SAFETY is a real priority for DOWNBELOW)
We even saw a monitor lizard but it was too quick so we weren’t able to take a photo.
We were dropped off at our hotel around 4pm.

Then we headed to the Waterfront to have dinner at MAI YAI THAI ORCHID RESTAURANT.
It was the best Thai restaurant ever!!!

Couldn’t get any better! 🙂
Special thanks to DOWNBELOW for taking good care of us 🙂


Block B, 3rd Floor, Lot 12 (Above and far left of MOTHERCARE)
Tel: +6 088 488997 OR +6 088 485 366
Mobile: +6 012 866 1935 or +6 012 867 7375 Email: OR

One thought on “Day ONE – DownBelow in Kota Kinabalu

  1. Hi – we are so impressed with the work that you have put into your blog. Your images are excellent and we're so pleased that you had such a wonderful day with us at Downbelow on Gaya Island, TARP …. we hope to see you again on the island for more fun filled marine & wildlife adventures :-)))

    Thank you for choosing us !!
    Richard & Joanne and the rest of the Downbelow Team !!!

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