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December 14, 2010 by jotan23

We started Day TWO with a stroll in GAYA SUNDAY MARKET, which was just across our hotel.
***read DAY ONE***

and then we did the KILAS RIVER TOUR: PROBOSCIS MONKEYS and FIREFLIES (RM 200/pax) after.

“This wonderful day trip takes place in Garama Village – Garama River, Sabah – located about 130km (approx 1.5 – 2 hours road trip) from Kota Kinabalu.
The highlight of this tour is of course, seeing the remarkable Proboscis Monkey in the wild! Being able to watch these wonderfully strange looking monkeys in their natural habitat within the mangroves is a truly wonderful experience.
In addition there is also the possibility of seeing many other species of wildlife, tropical birds, macaques, silver langur, crocodiles and water buffalo inhabit the region.
Included on this great value trip is a delicious Malaysian style Buffet Dinner at the (MONKEY TOPS SAFARI). After dinner, guests can experience the fabulous natural light show of the Fireflies lighting up the Mangrove Jungle.” – DOWNBELOW 

We left the hotel around 2pm and reached MONKEY TOPS SAFARI around 4pm.

It was a rainy day, but we didn’t let our spirits down 🙂

Refreshments were served before we started our river tour

We even met the owners of the MONKEY TOPS SAFARI. Too bad I forgot their names 😦

They were really nice and we even chatted for sometime. They’re (2nd guy and 3rd girl from right) both Malaysian-Chinese 🙂

While waiting for the other guests, we roamed around first and saw the fish spa, which is still fairly new in Malaysia.

 We were not excited about this because we have this is Manila and ours is way cheaper 🙂

We’re still hoping to see a lot despite the bad weather

Yehey! we saw plenty of monkeys – proboscis monkeys, silver langur and long-tail macaques 🙂

It was hard to take pictures because it was raining and we did not bring “super zoom” lens :p
Bring your binoculars if you have one.

Yes, it is literally like this – SPOT THE MONKEYS!

It was getting dark already so we all headed back to the lodge for a local Malaysian buffet dinner.

We were one of the fortunate groups who got back early  (whew!) or else we would not have been able to eat anymore because the food they prepared were not enough and they did not even bother to refill the buffet trays 😦 

After the dinner, we got back to the boats to watch the spectacular Fireflies in the Mangrove Jungle.
There were plenty! It was like seeing Christmas lights all overt he place.

We were not able to take good pictures though :p

The tour ended around 9:30PM and it is wise to bring snacks because the ride back home is another 1.5 -2 hours 🙂

Things to bring (as advised by DOWNBELOW): 
Sun screen, insect repellent, extra clothes, towel, camera, sunglasses and loads of curiosity!

Monkey Tops Safari 
Borneo Starcruise Sdn. Bhd. 
Tel Numbers: 6088-381196 or 6087-881012.

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