United Steaks and Ribs


January 24, 2011 by jotan23

United Steaks and Ribs is fairly new.
I believe it just opened a few months ago.
*a few weeks ago pala :p
It is like an American fast food restaurant.

We ordered the BIG FEAST A (Php 499)
– Half Slab American Ribs
– 3 pcs Country Fried Chicken
– 2 rice
– 2 drinks
– 2 pcs brownies

We were surprised with the half-slab serving! It looked like a FULL slab to us!
Very filling! SUPER SULIT! 😀
The ribs were tender but you need the barbecue sauce to complete the ribs experience because the ribs alone won’t be that good. 

The chicken was a bit dry and too peppery but it was good.
The brownies were not moist but the sweetness was perfect! (it was not too sweet)

BIG FEAST A is perfect for 2-3 pax! Just order some extra rice and enjoy!

We also tried their FATTY FRIES (Single Serving – Php 55)
YUMMY! United Steaks’ servings were pretty big for the price.
It was a HAPPY MEAL for us 🙂
However, the washroom was a huge disappointment!
SUPER dirty and it smelled really bad.
I wish the management would do something about it.
Also, there were no soap and tissue. I wonder if the staffs wash their hands after using it? :p

along Ma. Clara St. corner Banawe St.
(Beside California Berry)

7 thoughts on “United Steaks and Ribs

  1. Fred says:

    Hello. We ate here last week. Despite the attractive exterior, I was appalled by the ordinary decor and poor ambience inside. We also ordered the Big Feast A. The ribs were very tender and delicious! These more than made up for our initial misgivings for coming in. The chicken and burger were good, but rather dry.

  2. Anonymous says:

    what city is this?

  3. jotan23 says:

    Quezon City 🙂

  4. Jonald Q. says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your visit and comments about our fastfood. We just opened and have been open for about 3 weeks, as such the lack of interior & ambience is still noteworthy. While we are still a bit limited with our interior enhancements due to the respect that we accord to our landlord and the agreement we have with them, we are presently working on upgrading our facilities to enhance the experience of being in a Great American fastfood. Rest assured that your concerns have been addressed and we do thank you for your comments about United Steaks & Ribs, it will definitely help us as we improve ourselves and create an alternative to the fastfood chains in the country. Thank you and more power.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I was pretty disappointed when we ate here today. The t-bone steak was not available so we opted for ribs and sirloin. The ribs were passable but for some reason it didn't come with any barbeque sauce. On the other hand the sirloin was far from being tender. It was difficult to slice even with the steak knife. I do hope it was just an off night.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don't mean to sound rude but we ate here yesterday and it was the worst. I'm kind of wondering where the real cook was after I tasted the sirloin and ribs. Never mind the poor interior, the least that they could do was to serve edible food. I almost choked over the sirloin because of it's rubbery consistency, the mushroom soup lacked water, the brownies seem to have just been bought from the local sari-sari/grocery store (parang lemon square?!). I'm surprised to find out that their ribs have a barbecue sauce since none was served to us yesterday. I have nothing against this fastfood chain but please let the owner know that there are people who are disappointed over the quality of their food.

  7. United Steaks says:

    Dear Anonymous: We are sorry for your experience last Feb. 14. We have since taken the ff. steps to address your concerns. Since March 1, we are no longer serving Sirloin Steaks. We have found your concern to be just and we have addressed it to our imported beef supplier. We are presently serving only 2 Steak Variants which we trust will be satisfying to all. Our Salisbury Steak is made from 100% imported beef & Our T-Bone steak is marinated with our own special sauce. Served with our Gravy or Steak sauce, we guarantee you a better experience. We have improved the Taste profile of our Ribs and many of our customer now attests to the quality of our Rib marination & Sauce. We apologize for not being able to serve you the sauce before. Please leave a number wherein we can contact you, we would like to have the opportunity to serve you once more. We value and appreciate your comments. Thank you from United Steaks and Ribs, the Ribs & Steaks fastfood chain.

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