6D/5N Bicol Itinerary – Day Three – Firefly Watching in Sorsogon


March 12, 2011 by jotan23

6D/5N Bicol Itinerary – Day Three – Firefly Watching in Sorsogon

This was our last day in GOTA VILLAGE.

For breakfast (Php 300 / pax), GOTA Staffs prepared the following for us:
Milk and cereals
Dilis, Fried Rice, Eggs, Longganisa and Ham

9:00 AM Boat ride from Guijalo Port to Sabang Port
TERMINAL FEE: Php 5 / pax
BOAT: Php 100 / pax
We weren’t able to get good seats on our way back to Sabang Port. Lesson learned. Make sure to be there before the boat lets passengers on board.

11:00 AM – Arrive Sabang Port where Louwil (0922-890-8716) was waiting for us.

There were plenty of porters willing to carry your bag whether it’s small or big. Just make sure you have a spare change to give to your porter.
Tip given to the porter: Php 50 for all of us since they just  took it off the boat. Our bags were placed in the boat’s lower compartment so either way, we really have to pay them.

Louwil Arellano (Bicol Driver / Tour Guide – 0922-890-8716) was already there when we arrived.

We asked him to drive us from Sabang Port to Legaspi then to Donsol for the day (around 4-5 hour drive) – Php 4,600

As requested, he brought us to BIGG’s DINER for lunch. It’s is a popular fast food chain in Bicol.
There were plenty of foods to choose  – from breakfast meals like goto, bangus, tosilog to bugers, pizzas and ribs..
Goto with Egg (Php 52) – there was only 1 single strip of goto in the bowl :p
But the waitress was super kind enough to give us a little bit more goto strips.
Tenderloin Tips (Php 125) – This was okay
BIGG PLATTER (Php 120) Spaghetti, chicken with pizza bread
I didn’t like it at all 😦 the chicken was dry and the tomato sauce was too sweet, too Pinoy style =/
Baby Back Ribs (Php 189) – the best among all our orders. It was actually good and the meat was tender.

We were supposed to drive around LEGASPI CITY first before heading to Donsol but we were worried that the Donsol Tourist Center would close before we get there so we changed our plans and headed straight to Donsol to be sure.
Why? Because we wanted to register early for the whaleshark watching the next day.

Yehey! we got there before they closed and we were able to pay the registration fees, watched the video (mandatory) and were able to reserve gears for tomorrow.

TIP: Reserve the snorkels/masks/fins ahead. Before reserving, wear them FULLY to check if there is no damage and if it fits you well. I learned this the hard way. When we were already swimming with the whalesharks, the strap of my mask kept getting loose! Bummer!
Registration Fee – Php 100 / pax
Boat for Whaleshark/Butanding Interaction – Php 3,500 – good for 6 pax (3 hours)
Gear Rental (mask, fin, snorkel) – Php 300 / set

Firefly Watching – Php 1250 – good for 5 pax (2 hours)
TIP: Choose OGOD RIVER because they said that there are more fireflies in Ogod.
We were supposed to book Vitton Resort for our stay in Donsol but they never emailed back and whenever we called them for a follow up or for inquiry, they didn’t seem friendly to talk to.

Not booking Vitton was a blessing in disguise because when we saw ELYSIA BEACH RESORT, we knew it was the one for us!!!
Luckily, there were still 2 available rooms left – perfect for our group!

We decided to have dinner first before going to the river cruise and firefly watching.


CHOPSUEY (Php 185)fried mixed vegetables

BIHON GUISADO (Php 185)fried noodles
CHICKEN CURRY with RICE (on the side) – Php 225
one of the best! soooooooooo good!!!


7:00PM – time to go to Ogod River for Firefly Watching
TIP: You may ask the resort to call a tricycle for you.
TRICYCLE: Php 200 per tricycle for a roundtrip going to the river and back to the resort.
Firefly Watching – Php 1250 – good for 5 pax (2 hours)
TIPs: No clean restroom at the site so better do whatever you needed to do before going there. Bring a jacket/shawl as it gets quite cold at night.
It was impossible for us to be able to take a good picture of the group of fireflies! 
They were magical!!! It was like looking at flying and moving Christmas lights 🙂

Day Two – Gota Village and Caramoan Island Hopping


Pangpang, Donsol, Sorsogon, Philippines
Contact Numbers: (63)917-547-4466;  (63)926-475-9762 (JANICE); (63)927-348-2340 (VIKI)
Email Address: 
Louwil (Bicol Driver/Tourguide – 0922-890-8716)
Louwil Arellano –

2 thoughts on “6D/5N Bicol Itinerary – Day Three – Firefly Watching in Sorsogon

  1. wow! I've never been to Sorsogon… soon cguro, mapapasyal din ako dyan at makikita ko na ang Mt. Bulusan.. thank u for sharing… =D

  2. me and my friend will be going there on May 🙂 Thanks for posting this 🙂 following you already hope you follow back my photoblog 🙂

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