6D/5N Bicol Itinerary – Day Four (Part One) – Swim with the Butandings/Whalesharks in Sorsogon

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March 15, 2011 by jotan23

6D/5N Bicol Itinerary – Day Four (Part One) – Swim with the Butandings/Whalesharks in Sorsogon
We started Day Four with an early breakfast at Elysia Beach Resort
American Breakfast (Php 185)bread, egg, bacon, fruit, jam, coffee/hot choco/tea
We wish there were at least 2 pcs of bacons though :p

Filipino Breakfast (Php 145) Tocilog or Longsilog , coffee/hot choco/tea
Everyone enjoyed their breakfast meals!!! Food was great as usual!!

7:30 AMHeaded to Donsol Tourist Center to meet our BIO (Butanding Interaction Officer)
Tricycle Ride to the Tourist Center: Php 30 / tricycle
Don’t forget to check (AGAIN) the gears that you have reserved earlier.
Then our Butanding/Whaleshark experience begins…
Photo credit to: HOWARD HALL from this site
We were not able to take good pictures so I just posted a picture from the net for you to be able to visualize how GIGANTIC they are!!! 
We saw a total of 8 butandings or whalesharks within an hour, ranging from 5-8 meters in length!!!

These gentle giants frequent the waters of Donsol, Sorsogon during February-May (Butanding Season).
TIP: Register early because a total of (only) 30 boats at a time is allowed to spot the butandings/whalesharks.
That’s JAIME, our BIO (Butanding Interaction Officer). 
Ask for him when you register!! He’s from the first batch of BIOs in Donsol and he’ll make sure you are in good hands 🙂
One of my friends got injured getting off the boat and we’re so glad that JAIME was our BIO because he knew exactly what to do and gave immediate first aid. Thank you again, Jaime 🙂
This Butanding/Whaleshark Experience is something we’ll never forget for the rest of our lives!!!
For souvenir, we had to buy one of those cute butanding magnets: Php 40 each

LUNCH – we decided to have lunch at ELYSIA BEACH RESORT before we leave.

BICOL EXPRESS (Php 225)pork, coconut milk, chili – comes with rice
They were also selling KINUNOT, which is similar with Bicol Express but used rays instead of pork. 
We are against eating rays so we ordered Bicol Express. Good Choice plus, it’s yumeeeh!

PORK ADOBO with rice (Php 225)
This was okay 🙂

FRIED CHICKEN (1/2) with rice – Php 285
truly crispyliscious!!!
1:30 PM – LOUWIL picked us up at ELYSIA BEACH RESORT and drove us to Legaspi. (Php 1700)
***Louwil Arellano is our AWESOME tour guide: 0922-890-8716
6D/5N Bicol Itinerary – Day Four (Part Two) – What to do in Legaspi City 

Day One – Wakeboarding at CWC and Fun Time in Lago Del Ray
Day Two – Gota Village and Caramoan Island Hopping
Day Three – Firefly Watching in Sorsogon



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