Shangri-La Plaza Blockbuster Summer Fashion Show 2011

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April 12, 2011 by jotan23

We’re so happy that Sofia’s joining the Shangrila Plaza Fashion Show again for PERIWINKLE 🙂

This year’s theme was “Shangri-La Plaza Blockbuster Summer Fashion Show” (held last Saturday, April 9, 2011)

Some of the participants were:

Bayo, Converse, Orange Juice, Bench, Big&Small Co., The Ramp, Debenhams, Fletcher, Folded & Hung, Gap, Gingersnaps, Human, Kashieca, Maldita, PERIWINKLE, PJs Sleepwear, Plains & Prints, The Row, Rustan’s, Space, Una Rosa, etc

Kashieca model

Adorable Ava modelling for Gingersnaps

Sophia Montemayor modelling again for Zara Kids

The Ramp Kids model

Gap model

Super cute boy modelling for PJ Sleepwear

Plains & Prints models

Bench models

Kids of Bayo models

Fletcher boy

Angela Leonar modelling for The Row

Una Rosa models

Rustan’s Kids models

Sofia Gabrielle Yu modelling again for PERIWINKLE

More pictures of Shangri-La Plaza’s Blockbuster Summer Fashion Show 2011

Last year’s show:

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