Self Transformation Seminar

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March 19, 2012 by jotan23

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Self Transformation Seminar

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi

The Self Transformation Seminar is a 3-day session on Self-Mastery, Self-development and the Awakening of One’s Higher Potential.

The seminar aims to help individuals to: 
  • Review one’s understanding of reality
  • Clarification of core and personal values
  • Learn self-awareness and how to handle anger and resentment
  • Eliminate recurring emotional distress in one’s life (fear, depression, anger, phobias, stress, trauma, hurt, etc.)
  • Have harmonious relationships through genuine listening and effective communication
  • Be loving and caring – free of unwanted conditionings
  • Self-Mastery: take control over your own destiny
  • See beyond the surface appearance of things and events
  • Learn the art of meditation
  • Strengthen the higher self and control the lower self
  • Transcendence: systematically pursue the path of the spiritual life.

“Through exercises and group exploration, the Self Transformation Seminar is an attempt to integrate the fragmented life facets of the individual through self-awareness and the diminishing of inner conflicts.”

 Main Speaker: Vicente Hao Chin Jr.

President, Theosophical Society in the Philippines, an international lecturer. Author of books The Process of Self-transformation and The Bible and the Ageless Wisdom

Theosophy is a living wisdom, one which is learned from intense explorations of the inner life, of relationships, meditation, etc.  
The Self Transformation Seminar uses breath (prana) as a mechanism for removing physical, emotions and mental energy blockages in our bodies. These blockages are formed from experiences we have had in the past and have not fully processed and thus lie in our sub-conscious. 
When a similar issue comes up in our lives these subconscious memory patterns awaken and trigger in us a reaction of some sort. In the seminar we call these “push-buttons.” 
People push our buttons all the time and often we blame the other person or see something external as being the problem, but in reality it is something deep within us that is reacting to a comment, phobia or situation that we have faced in the past and not processed.
The program takes you step by step through a simple process to scan and become aware of any issues you feel in yourself and then uses a simple process using your breath to release the energy patterns you have stored. 
It is not about reliving past experiences but rather using your memory to reconnect with the event so that you become aware of its effect within your body and thus process and clear it. 
This might take one 30 minute session or if it is a deep seated issues may take several session over a period of time.  Once the method is learned you are able to practice it yourself in your normal daily life to process issues as they come up or as you find your buttons being pushed.” – Ayurveda 

“The Self Transformation Seminar has been conducted in various countries, such as Australia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It has been conducted to the faculties, administrative officers, and students of many schools, colleges and universities.”

Also, please be advised that The Self-Transformation Program is a non-commercial, non-profit service of the Philippine Theosophical Institute.

April 14, 21 and 22
(Saturday, Saturday, Sunday)
9 am to 6 pm
Venue: Lecture Hall,
The Theosophical Society in the Philippines

1 Iba Street, Quezon City

Mr. Vicente Hao Chin, Jr.
Mr. Victor Peñaranda

  Registration fee is Php 1,400.00
(for handouts, vegetarian lunch and snacks)

Please register early. 
Number of participants will be limited.

Contact Mona at 741-5740; 

Self Transformation Seminar

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