Studio SnR Lifestyle Workshops: Beauty Tips from Maybelline, Garnier and Nikki Tiu

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April 7, 2012 by jotan23

Studio SnR Lifestyle Workshops: Beauty Tips from Maybelline New York, Garnier and Beauty Blogger Nikki Tiu

“Studio SnR came about last March 2010. It is primarily a workshop facility used by corporations / companies to hold meetings and other seminars.

August 2011. Studio SnR created the Studio SnR Lifestyle Series (of Workshops). Its aim for the workshops: to ignite the passion for learning. With Knowledge is Power (to be used in the best sense possible) as their motto, the workshops want people not to feel stagnant, rather to pursue true passions and reach for dreams.”
The Studio SnR Lifestyle Series offers skills and hobbies workshops that may open a new avenue for its participants. We are not a school, rather we see ourselves as conduits to higher learning.” Sydney Go of Studio SnR says. Studio SnR is able to provide answers to participants who seek guidance especially when they feel the need to pursue it as a fulltime career.

“This year 2012, Studio SnR designed a new and fresh workshop series called I LOVE BEAUTY SERIES (first ever run in MARCH 2012). It’s a collaboration with young and dynamic  partners such as Maybelline New York, Garnierand Beauty Blogger Ask Me Whats’ Nikki Tiu.” I am more than happy to share with you the fun and useful things I’ve learned from the workshop:

“All the workshops aim to be continuous, to touch lives and transform oneself not just with makeup, rather with cupfuls of empowerment! The 4-hour hands-on private workshop lets each participant learn various techniques easily applied and replicated in everyday life.”

Snacks and Serenitea Milk Tea drinks were provided as we all learn fashionable beauty tricks from the experts!

“The adventure begins as each participant opens her bag of tricks exclusively from Studio SnR. These are used for the Do-It-Yourself makeup applications. What sets Studio SnR workshops apart is, one always go home armed with precious knowledge and beauty in their bags!”

Studio SnR’s Beauty Workshop began with color swatching. Professional Make-up Artist and Beauty Blogger Nikki Tiu, together with Archie Tolentino of Maybelline New York, helped the participants find the right color skin tone of Maybelline mineral foundation to be used later.

But before getting all dolled up, Nikki Tiu shares an important skin care tip that we all should be doing. Did you know that facial cleansing should be done longer or equal to the amount of time spent applying make-up?! Most of us got surprised because it usually takes us only less than a minute to wash our face :p We need to spend more time cleansing our skin because make-up nowadays are harder to remove. 

Useful Tip: Use a sponge to help exfoliate skin and keep it clean.

Aside from cleansing, applying toner is also a must. It aids the skin to absorb moisturizer even more. However, we have to make sure that we choose the right moisturizer for our skin type. Better concentrate on the dry skin first then scatter the rest on the other parts of the skin.

After the skin care tips, Archie Tolentino, Maybelline’s chief make-up artist, shares fascinating  pointers on how to groom eyebrows: 
  • round/square face – eyebrows should be arched to create the illusion of an elongated face
  • oblong/elongated – eyebrows should be flat to balance the face
Useful Tip: Before shaving the eyebrows, soften the hair by applying moisturizer, eye cream or any face cream.

EYEBROWS – Where to start, peak and end:

photo from
  1. Start shaping your eyebrows by holding a brush parallel to the bridge of your nose. This varies though – bring your eyebrows closer together if your face is wide and separate them a bit more by taking a few hairs out if your face is narrow.
  2. Peak – the peak of your eyebrows should be parallel to the outermost circle of your iris.
  3. End – form a straight line from the end of your nostril to the the outermost corner of your eye – that should be the end tip of your eyebrow.

Address the discoloration under the eyes by using a bit of peach tint concealer like Maybelline’s Angel Fit Perfect Concealer.

Dab 3 small dots under your eye – outer corners and center. Pat and blend using your ring finger. Add in increments if you need to conceal some more. After applying concealer, use a small eyeshadow brush and apply face powder to set the concealer; but, before setting, press it again with your ring finger seconds before applying the powder to avoid having fine lines.

Using the mid-tone color of the eyeshadow palette as primer, Archie asked us to close our eyes – tap and sweep the brush on the eyelid over the eyeball.

The whole group at Studio SnR workshop also had the chance to play with Maybelline’s master eyeliner. 

After running the tip of the eyeliner at the back of our hands to soften the tip, we then applied it on our lower lashline – going sideways, part by part, starting from the wet part near the tear duct to the outermost corner of the eye.

Useful Tip: After applying the eyeliner, close your eyes and squint lightly. This will make the eyeliner smudge between the lash lines to attain a sexy and more natural look.

Using Maybelline’s Gel Liner, Archie Tolentino sampled how to apply eyeliner on the upper lashline. The thickness of the eyeliner should start at the peak of the eyebrows and blend it outwards. To balance out the dark eyeliners, we used the darkest color from the eyeshadow palette and tapped it on the lashline for a softer look. This also set the eyeliner and made it stay in place.

Next, we curled our lashes to prep for a dramatic look. Remember: always curl from roots to tip.

Introducing Maybelline’s Falsies volume express mascara – this multiplying mascara provides more volume when applied continuously. The curved applicator also has a joint that bends together with the lashes as it creates the “false eyelashes” look. We all loved this! Maybelline truly offers the best mascaras in the world!

Almost done – Archie taught us the correct way in applying blush on: use the flat part of the brush and always start at the apple of your cheeks . Blend upward using circular strokes up to your temples.

As you can see from the pictures, Studio SnR workshops are very hands-on. The teachers are only there to guide you 🙂 This way, the participants get to learn and enjoy more. Oh! and everyone was overly delighted to take home Maybelline and Garnier products 🙂 (What a cool treat!)

 Fashion Editor Rachelle Que and Fashion Stylist Alyanna Martinez

Penny Candelaria, Former Beauty Editor Sydney Go and Rica Dee

Sydney Go (Marketing Director – Nippon Esthetic Solutions, SnR), Archie Tolentino (Philippine’s Chief Make-Up Artist – Maybelline New York) and Nikki Tiu (Professional Make-Up Artist and Beauty Blogger)

Being the chosen venue for private and intimate lifestyle events, Studio SnR also offers Crafted Workshops. Interested parties may contact Studio SnR and they’ll be glad to craft private workshops/events for groups of 20 or more.  

Studio SnR Lifestyle Workshops

Unit 301 Millennium Place,
17 Meralco Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Contact Number: 584 5988
Twitter: @StudioSnRph

Studio SnR Lifestyle Workshops: Beauty Tips from Maybelline, Garnier and Nikki Tiu

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