Experience 6D Theater at GAME ZOO, Resorts World Manila


May 11, 2012 by jotan23

Resorts World Manila (RWM), the premier place in the country has added a new attraction to its fold of world class amenities and offerings with the launch of Game Zoo last May 4, 2012.

Game Zoo is a 2-storey complex which features the most up-to-date and exclusive arcade and recreational games, plus state of the art rides for kids and adults alike.

Game Zoo’s formal launch was attended by RWM President Kingson Sian, and the RWM Vice President for Marketing Communications Martin Paz. Special guests Aubrey Miles and partner Troy Montero also celebrated the event by joining the ribbon cutting. CosPlayers, kiddie mascots, and other attractions added up for the festive launch. 

There was a 3-hour ‘Free Play’ for guests and patrons around the complex so we were able to try some of Game Zoo’s exciting games and attractions in as many times as we want. Freebies were also given away to lucky attendees – kids loved the candies!

Experience 6D Theater at GAME ZOO, Resorts World Manila (Php 150)

Among the exclusive attractions offered by Game Zoo is the 6D Theater experience, a first of its kind 6-dimensional ride that provides lifelike sensory simulation to the rider. We tried the U-Boat 6D Adventure ride – feel the thrill of plunging into the abyss in 6D theater with wind blowing to your face and snow-like ashes coming from everywhere.

The kids enjoyed the 4D RIDER the most, which boasts of the highest 4 dimensional simulated roller coaster drop. You may also choose the PUMP IT UP Dance Revo platform, which is perfect for avid dance gamers 🙂

Fruit Ninja

Another exclusive from Game Zoo is the conversion of popular mobile applications ‘Crazy (Angry) Birds’ and ‘Plants versus Zombies’ into a multi-player interactive game for up to four players.

Ice creams, anyone? 🙂

A 4D roller coaster, a 4-player version of Angry Birds, a 6D theater experience – all these and more are  enjoyed in Resorts World Manila’s (RWM) newest arcade – GameZoo; further cementing its reputation as “The Place to Play.” 

Game Zoo 

4th floor, Newport Mall,
Resorts World Manila

Contact Number: (632) 836-6333 

GAME ZOO Resorts World Manila – the Kids’ place to PLAY

5 thoughts on “Experience 6D Theater at GAME ZOO, Resorts World Manila

  1. stacy says:

    What's the difference between the 4D and 6D. Yung 4D sa enchanted kingdom also squirts water, air and ashes. Sayang we missed this haha hope you give us a tip next time hihi.

  2. Jo Tan says:

    Naku, I also don't know the difference actually.
    I was only able to try the 6D 🙂
    I left earlier eh, so yung kids lang ang nag-4D after 🙂

  3. imy says:

    hello gaano katagal ung 6D? and may schedules ba? 😀

  4. Jo Tan says:

    mga 7-10 minutes 🙂 depending on the show ata. Schedule depends i think if may rider or not 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    .thanks for sharing

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