Buy Generics and NOW Supplements at Watsons


May 18, 2012 by jotan23

Since HEALTH is among the Top 3 concerns here in the Philippines, next to work-life balance and job security, Watsons has made quality healthcare more affordable and accessible to Filipinos.

With Watsons’ affordable Generic Medicines, Filipinos get to manage their health better.

What exactly are GENERIC MEDICINES? We all know they are cheaper but are they effective? YES, they are! Generic Medicines are the same formulation as that of the innovators. There is a huge disparity when it comes to price since the makers do not need to pay for the patent anymore.

BUT you have to make sure that the Generic Medicine is manufactured by a trusted pharmaceutical company, FDA approved and sold in a reputable pharmacy retailer like WATSONS.

Good news to all because by June 2012, WATSONS will be opening more Generic Counters. WATSONS will continue to offer WATSONS Compliance Packs and Health Packs, which are upto 70-80% cheaper than leading brands. Examples of these are Ascorbic Acid, Paracetamol, Loperamide, etc. Wide range of generic products will be sold at WATSONS nationwide, only from trusted manufacturers – Unilab, RiteMed, Pharex, Natrapharm, Sandoz, Getz Pharma and Winthrop.

WHAT’S MORE: Watsons is now selling America’s #1 selling supplement brand – NOW Foods. “Live Life with Passion NOW.” Let nature nourish your health with NOW Foods premium supplements from the U.S.A. and achieve holistic well-being from the wide range of high-quality products especially formulated to help you live your passion.

NOW Filipino Ambassadors of Nutrition for Optimal Wellness – Melanie Siy-Tan, Erwan Heussaff, Sam YG, Isabel Roces

Melanie Siy-Tan (Mom, Yoga Teacher): A Life NOW in Perfect Balance
“I’m currently using NOW Foods Salmon Oil, too. The salmon oil strengthens my mind whilst the calcium & magnesium strengthen my body, both of which are essential for yoga and for taking care of my family.”
“I’m very thankful that Watsons partnered with NOW Foods to bring their products here in the Philippines. It’s great because now, everybody has access to natural and premium quality health supplements that can allow them to live a balanced life with greater passion.”

Erwan Heussaff (Runner, Chef, Foodie Blogger): A Foodie who NOW Enjoys the Different Flavors of Life
“A colleague of mine who’s also into triathlons introduced me to NOW Foods CoQ10. It really boosted my stamina, which is key to successfully compete in the sport since endurance is crucial to your performance.” 
“I’m glad I made the choice to live a healthy and balanced life. That’s the same message NOW Foods wants to impart to all Filipinos. Thanks to holistic well-being, I’m now better suited to living my passion of enjoying the different flavors of life.”

SAM YG (Radio DJ, TV Host): NOW “Always On” Day and Night
“I was never really the type of person who would take supplements, but after a friend from the States gave me a bottle of NOW Liver Detox, I had a change of heart. It’s been a savior after a night of partying – I feel just fine the next day and my liver is cleaner too. Even though I make sure I keep healthy, you’ve got to have a bit of fun too! ” 
Sam’s other favorite NOW Foods product is Men’s Virility Power. “It gives me that extra boost,” he remarks with a wink. 
“Even though people perceive me as this crazy character on our radio show, I’d like to inspire others to live the life they want.” Sam concludes, “I still hope to be a lawyer someday, but for now, thanks to good health, I’m living my passion.”
Isabel Roces (Model, Vegan): NOW Beautiful Inside and Out
“Being healthy and kind is always in style.” 
“I particularly love NOW Fiber 3. My digestion is a lot more regular and it’s a great way to detox too!” 
“I also find NOW Barley Grass to be very effective. It’s a natural antioxidant that promotes the growth of new cells. It really helps me achieve healthy looking skin.”

To find the right nourishment for your own passion, visit WATSONS, the exclusive distributor of NOW Foods premium health products

For more information about NOW Foods and updates from NOW Foods’ Filipino Brand Ambassadors, please visit or “like” NOW Foods on Facebook (; or send an email to

Buy Generics and NOW Supplements at Watsons

One thought on “Buy Generics and NOW Supplements at Watsons

  1. Valerie says:

    Wow! I can see you really are a health enthusiast. You even support a pharmacy store. Do you also have any idea on the brands of supplements they provide? Have you heard or do you use this brand of CoQ10 from Dr. Mercola? My doctor recommended it to me and I just wanna make sure if it will really work for me.

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