Aria Pizza: Pure Perfection in a Pie


May 31, 2012 by jotan23

Aria Pizza: Pure Perfection in a Pie

At Aria Cucina Italiana, a section of the kitchen is devoted to a laboratorio – this is where the work and the magic begin. The people who work in this special kitchen are a group of talented individuals dedicated to giving their customers the best authentic Italian cuisine – especially authentic Aria Italian Pizza.

Chef Marino of the Aria Manila branch says that it’s all about CARE, in order to make a good quality pizza. “You have to care when you choose the ingredients, care as you make the dough, and care when you create each pizza.” 

Jeman Villanueva of Orange Magazine TV – making his personal Aria Pizza

Richard Benson Co of Tales From The Tummy – happy with his Aria Pizza creation

Even Cory Quirino joined the fun Aria Pizza making day


Boracay’s ARIA Italian Restaurant is now in Manila (Bonifacio Global City)

My husband and I with our Aria Pizza Masterpiece

As advised by Chef Marino, we cared – this was what we did while doing our own Aria Pizza masterpiece. We chose the best possible ingredients, from the sauce base to the fresh toppings and to the presentation. 

My Aria Pizza Masterpiece:

1st quarter of my Aria Pizza: tomato based – with artichokes, mushrooms, chili pepper, mozzarella cheese, Gorgonzola cheese, brie cheese, zucchini, pine nuts and basil leaves.
2nd quarter of my  Aria Pizza: tomato based – with chili pepper, mozzarella cheese, Gorgonzola cheese, pine nuts, parma ham and peppery arugula.
3rd quarter of my Aria Pizza: cream + pesto based – with a drizzle of olive oil, shrimps, basil leaves, mozzarella cheese, Gorgonzola cheese and pine nuts.
4th quarter of my Aria Pizza: cream + pesto based – with a drizzle of olive oil, mushroom, spinach, mozzarella cheese, Gorgonzola cheese, brie cheese and pine nuts.

My ARIA PIZZA creation was soooo good! I wish I can order this again in Aria :p

Aria Pizza: Pure Perfection in a Pie

3 thoughts on “Aria Pizza: Pure Perfection in a Pie

  1. I'd like the order the 4th quarter of your pizza 🙂 Ack, craving for slice now!

  2. Hi Joanne! Thank you so much for featuring Aria Cucina Italiana on your blog. We are delighted to know that you enjoyed your dining experience at our restaurant and we look forward to seeing you again soon 🙂

  3. jotan23 says:

    we all love Aria Pizza coz it's truly the best here in Manila! :>

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