How To Win Raffle Prizes


June 8, 2012 by jotan23

(picture grabbed from

I was never a believer of joining raffles (especially in the malls) because I never won. But the odds drastically changed this year. I started joining (for fun) and wow, I just got more excited each time.

(picture grabbed from

Last April 2012, I won A TRIP FOR TWO TO HONGKONG from an event. There were 3 of us and we all won a prize. Each of my WhenInManila partners won a PLDT Telpad, but knowing how PLDT works, it may take a year before they get the prize, or worse, they might not get it anymore. (boooooo!)

Then there’s Uniqlo. I was just passing by Uniqlo’s soon-to-open store in SM MOA when one of the promoters invited me to join their online Facebook raffle. I participated and didn’t get lucky, but when I clicked “share,” I was given another chance to vote – I won a Barbie shirt, which I brought to my Bali trip that same day.

Maybe you are also wondering if the Twitter contests are actually real? I won these books from BookBed. So that answers the question. I had to pay for the delivery fee but it’s very minimal. At least, I get to enjoy new books to read 🙂

So what about blog giveaways? There are so many blog sites giving away stuffs! I, myself, am also hosting blog giveaways from time to time, usually GCs. (watch out for more). I believe that most blog sites really do give away the prizes, no matter how big the prize is.

Last May 24, I received an email from The Food Alphabet – “You won a Crumpler carry-on luggage!” No way! I couldn’t believe it – until it was delivered to my doorstep…

Crumpler Dry Red No.3 from The Food Alphabet and Manila Life

I love RED travel bags – especially Crumpler’s Dry Red

Selling for Php 8,950

“Light in weight, heavy on features, and just right for short stays or overnighters, this compact wheelie adapts to your needs as fast as you can say ‘chicken or the fish?’. As carry on luggage, its accessible front pocket will hold your laptop and personal items, while the main compartment holds your clothing. As check in baggage, the whole thing locks up to ensure your belongings remain secure for the journey.” – Crumpler (please check out the Crumpler site for the bag’s features and specifications)

A million thanks again to The Food Alphabet and Manila Life for my new Crumpler Dry Red No.3 – perfect for our Cambodia trip in August 🙂

So, what is my secret to winning raffle prizes? ALWAYS make sure that you follow ALL the rules and instructions – read and enter each and every step in order to be eligible to win. NEVER skip any instruction in the raffle. And don’t forget to just JOIN, JOIN and enJOYn! 🙂

4 thoughts on “How To Win Raffle Prizes

  1. Jo Arce says:

    Wow lucky year for you Joanne! Same tayo! I won in almost all raffles and contests I'm joining wahaha! Next ko yung sa'yo daw hahaha!

  2. Manila Stone says:

    Thanks Joanne for spreading the good news… Hope you could join in my other contests to come.

  3. jotan23 says:

    hahahahaha oo, may mga naka-line up na rin ako for blog give-aways! join lang ng join 🙂

  4. jotan23 says:

    Thank YOU!!! 🙂
    yes, I will definitely join again! :>

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