Beso – Spanish Cuisine and Wines (Bonifacio High Street Central)


June 29, 2012 by jotan23

Beso – Spanish Cuisine and Wines (Bonifacio High Street Central)

If you want to experience modern Spanish comfort food by Celebrity Chef Carlo Miguel, BESO is the place to be.

Beso caters to business meetings, family gatherings and of course, friendly meet-ups. 

The restaurant serves refreshing homemade brewed iced teas for a wholesome get-together, draft beers when you want to chillax (Hoegaarden and Beck’s), Spanish wines to unwind and special coffees for a meeting. 

What’s more: Go to Beso between 5 PM to 8 PM and enjoy Endless Sangria for Php 500 only.  

Beso Tapas Bestsellers: 

Shrimp and Chorizo Croquetas with Romesco Sauce (Php 280) – bechamel based croquetas flavored with the strong broth of shrimp heads with sauce made out of roasted almonds, red peppers, paprika and olive oil.

Baccalao Corquetas with Coriander Aioli (Php 280) – potato based croquetas made from salted cod.

Gambas (Php 380) – shrimps sauteed in chorizo, garlic, white wine and parsley. You may notice that the heads aren’t removed – because that is where the flavor comes from.

Squid ala Plancha (Php 195) – squid cooked on a flat grill with garlic, parsley and sherry – a very light and simple tapas.

If you are craving for pizza, you might also like to try Beso’s flat breads. We had the Jamon Serrano flat bread (Php 440) – topped with 36 months air-cured paper thin pork slices, chopped arugula and melted manchego cheese. I like my slice with hot sauce – makes this flat bread yummy!

A visit to a Spanish restaurant like Beso wouldn’t be complete without having to try the house specialty paella. Beso Paella (Php 580) is literally a mix of everything – pork, chorizo, bacon, prawns, squid, imported mussels and clams. It is a bed of Spanish flavors that is prepared to ruin your diet :p

We also had 2 other main entrees from Beso: The Crispy Skin Pork Belly (Php 420) cooked for 6 hours and served with mojo verde sauce and rice pilaf; and, the Lamb Shanks (Php 720) slow-cooked for 4 hours, braised in tomato, peppers, chorizo and chickpeas with rice pilaf. The picture shows how the meat literally falls off the bone – so tender and savory! YUMMEH! 

Beso’s famous Chocolate Leche Flan (Php 250) – creamy and super soft chocolate custard with Pedro Ximenez sherry. This is l-♥-v-e!!!

Chocolates make me happy so another order of dessert with chocolate is a must. Beso’s Churros (Php 180) is served with chocolate dip made with 58% dark choco – perfect with the crispy churros that are sprinkled with cinnamon and other spices.

And if you want to sample authentic Spanish desserts, order Beso’s Crema Catalana (Php 180) – it’s like creme brulee but with an orange zest. We also liked the Bread and Butter Pudding (Php 250) with caramelized orange sauce, almonds and vanilla ice cream. Yes, Beso uses orange frequently because almonds and oranges are staples in Spanish desserts.

WHEN IN MANILA and wanted to just unwind and have a good Spanish meal, just visit Beso in Bonifacio High Street Central. They also play live music every Tuesday from 10:30 PM – 2:30 AM.

BESO Cucina Vinoteka

Bonifacio High Street Central
7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City

For Reservations: 0926-614-9695

Menu: Beso

Store Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 11 AM – 2:30 AM
Sunday: 11 AM – 12:30 AM

Facebook: Beso Cucina Vinoteka

Twitter: @BesoManila

Beso – Spanish Cuisine and Wines (Bonifacio High Street Central)

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  1. i want the gambas and squid!! and the churros, pls 🙂

  2. this gave me sudden cravings for churros and leche flan (in chocolate flavor please?!) lol

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