Cafe Maxims Serves Delectable Treats at Resorts World Manila


July 15, 2012 by jotan23

Cafe Maxims Serves Delectable Treats at Resorts World Manila

Who loves afternoon tea? I do and so do a lot of people out there; but, only a few offer this afternoon delight. You may now enjoy a well-loved English tradition at Cafe Maxims in Resorts World Manila. High tea set (not in picture) is at Php 688++, available daily from 3PM onwards.

It would also be nice to order some cakes to go with your afternoon tea. Check out some of Cafe Maxims’s most loved desserts (Php 190/slice; Php 1,400/whole): Mango Yogurt Cheesecake, Strawberry Mousse and White Macadamia Mousse.

Cafe Maxims also offers coffee and tea alternatives such as a very rich and filling Passionate Mango Gelato Smoothie (Php 250), Dulce De Leche Gelato Blend (Php 250) and a refreshing Iced Latte (Php 220)

The bread and pastries selection was a lot to take in but you’ll never go wrong with Cafe Maxims’s UBE ENSAYMADA (Php 120). It was very cheesy, moist and soft and so goooood! Super ube-liscious!

While all my companions ordered the filling alternatives, I decided to stick with my first choice – a soothing hot Moonlight Beauty White Tea (Php 185). As it turned out, it was a smart choice since we had a lot of food that day.

Cafe Maxims (ground floor, Maxims Hotel, Resorts World Manila)  

Cafe Maxims Salad (Php 380)

“Delight in every juicy bite of the new Café Maxims Burger (Php 420) that’s truly fit for world-class tastes. Indulge in a delectable combination of seared 100% Prime Angus rib eye, dressed with a rich creamy blend of the choicest mushrooms in truffle oil, and topped with fresh veggies on a freshly baked buttery brioche, this sumptuous burger is not just your typical fastfood favorite, but a mouthwatering reward for your discerning taste buds. Complemented with parsley-laden fries, the world-class Cafe Maxims Burger is best enjoyed with the equally superb coffee, fruit, or smooth blends at Café Maxims.”

Forest Ham and Emmental Cheese Sandwich (Php 250)

This is probably one of, if not, the best ham and cheese sandwich I’ve ever had! I love it! yum yum yum

Vietnamese Style Sandwich (Php 250)

*Big bite* OMG! It tastes like Vietnamese noodle soup but it’s a sandwich! The crunchy texture of the bread crust was perfect with the moist dough that sandwiches the cold cuts, meatballs, roast pork, sardine and cilantro in between. It was pure bliss in every bite.

“Savor a wide selection of 100% all-natural Gelato made from the finest ingredients from all over the world. With a generous topping of your favorite fruits, nuts, and other complements, Cafe Maxims’s Gelato lets you experience one-of-a-kind taste, melt, and feel which no popular ice cream can compare to.”

When in Resorts World Manila, indulge with any of the refreshing gelato flavors such as Pistachio, Ferrero, Black Forest, Butter Pecan and many more for only Php 80 per 50g, or Php 140 for 100g.


Maxims Hotel, Resorts World Manila
or call the Tourist Hotline at (632) 836-6333

MENU: Cafe Maxims

Cafe Maxims Serves Delectable Treats at Resorts World Manila

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  1. Guia Obsum says:

    Wow! I would never have guessed they serve such delicious looking food. I'll try this some time. 🙂

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