Aracama: Fine-Dining Filipino Restaurant in Fort


August 1, 2012 by jotan23

Aracama: Fine-Dining Filipino Restaurant in Fort

Chef Aracama finally opens his dream restaurant that is oozing with Filipino pride. Aracama, a fine-dining Filipino restaurant conveniently located in The Fort, serves Filipino food with high respect to Filipino tradition. But of course, Chef Fernando Aracama doesn’t limit his creativity. He’s still going to make some fun – and you’ll be witnessing those in his “sumsuman” or appetizer section.

The place is GORGEOUS!!! It feels like you’re somewhere far from the city – a sweet escape situated in the middle of the busy Fort district. 

Aracama’s outdoor seating is also perfect 🙂

A private room at Aracama – perfect for intimate dining

Aracama Filipino Cuisine:

True to tradition, true to taste,
but World-Class.

Chef Fernando Aracama on Filipino Cuisine: “Don’t hold back on Filipino pride. Be totally unapologetic because there’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s time to be proud of our being Filipino.”

Lumpia Sisig (Php 195)
Pampanga style minced pork in a crisp roll served with Aracama’s signature “sawsawan”

TIP: If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, use the leaf wraps  to hold the super yummy lumpia sisig.

Fish Balls

Chef Ferns wanted to have “fun in appetizers.” This popular Filipino street food is made from scratch and served with 3 delectable dips. (According to Aracama’s menu: “double dipping is encouraged”)

Salpicao de la Casa (Php 320)
24-hour Sous Vide beef riblets in black pepper sauce and garlic chips

I couldn’t believe that these riblets belong to the toughest parts of a cow. When we tried it, it was so tender and flavorful. I love it with the crostinis. I think mini pandesals would be perfect with this, too 🙂

Malunggay Mozzarella Dip (Php 185)
Spinach and vitamin fortified creamy, cheesy brulee and crostinis for scooping 

Get your dose of vitamins with Aracama’s healthy dip containing the power-packed malunggay mixed with cheeses – parmesan, cheddar and kesong puti. It was another favorite!!! Kids will surely love this, too!

Guyabano Shake | Watermelon Shake | Sugarcane Juice

Pinakbet (Php 220)
Iconic Ilocano dish of squash, bitter melons, string beans with bagoong and bagnet

This dish was wiped out in less than 10 seconds. Yes, it was that good! The bagoong was superb and it was made from scratch so you won’t have it anywhere else but here.

KKK (Php 120)
Kalkag Kalo Kalo with dried baby shrimps, garlic and green onions

This fried rice is a popular dish from Negros and it was delish. I love how it complements the pinakbet and salpicao. I think I ate more than my usual capacity.

Daing na Pritong Tilapia (Php 325)
Crisp fried tilapia with a sour mango-cilantro salad and green “sili sawsawan”

TIP: It’s best to pour all the sauce on the whole dish.

Sweet and spicy sauce mixed with the green mango salad and fried boneless tilapia. Sweet+spicy+sour+salty = pure bliss!

Adobo Fried Rice (Php 150)
Chicken and pork adobo tossed in adobo flavored rice

Adobo is an all-time Filipino favorite. This reminds me of what people usually do at home with an adobo left-over :p

Lechon Carajay at Sarsa (Php 400)

Ilocano inspired crispy pork belly with sweet and sour sampalok dip

I think the pictures say it all. This bagnet-inspired dish is a MUST TRY here in Aracama. Oh, and please do try dipping it in the tamarind sauce because it is surprisingly sweet with a mild tangy bite. See the chicharon-like skin? Chef Ferns said that it is because of the cooking process – rendered in its own fat. SOOOOOO GOOOOD!!!

Fried Suman with Ginger Ice Cream in Muscovado Latik Sauce

Dulce Gatas and Bunuelos

I never liked the taste of milk but this heirloom recipe from Chef Fern’s grandmother is an exception. I was already so full from all the dishes that were served but I couldn’t stop myself from eating these delicious puff pastries. The caramelized condensed milk was so good that we ended up eating it alone after all the bunuelos were gone :p

When you’re dining in Aracama, make sure you leave some room for this amazing dessert. 

Aracama’s Chocnut Ice Cream

FYI: Did you know that it was Chef Ferns who created this awesome CHOCNUT ice cream flavor?! Thanks to him, big companies are now re-producing his best invention ever!

My mom doesn’t like eating ice cream but when she tried Chef Fern’s chocnut ice cream invention, she loved it so much that she finished it 🙂

WHEN IN MANILA, you should not miss dining at one of the best Filipino restaurants in town. Aracama Filipino Cuisine will definitely make you understand why Filipino food can be the next big thing.

Video by Roanne Aujero

ARACAMA Filipino Cuisine

The Fort Entertainment Complex
5th Ave. corner 26th St.,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 

Phone Numbers:
519-6815, 0917- 861-2702

Operating Hours
Sunday to Thursday:
Lunch: 11 AM to 2 PM
Dinner: 5 PM to 12 MN
Friday to Saturday
Lunch: 11 AM to 2 PM
Dinner: 5 PM to 2 AM

MENU: Aracama

Aracama: Fine-Dining Filipino Restaurant in Fort

3 thoughts on “Aracama: Fine-Dining Filipino Restaurant in Fort

  1. Nice ambience! Certainly the Filipinos are not only known for their hospitality but for cooking great food as well.

  2. The food looks great!! I am never one for fine dine restaurants, but this looks very nice. Is it expensive??

  3. Jo Tan says:

    It's not really expensive but the ambiance looks expensive 🙂
    check out their menu:

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