Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant (Greenhills): Amazing Chinese Dishes


August 20, 2012 by jotan23

Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant (Greenhills): Amazing Chinese Dishes

If you are bored with the usual food served in local Chinese restaurants, go to Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant and try out their newly developed exciting dishes that will make you start craving for more.

Hai Kang 4 Kinds Hot Cuts (Large – Php 1,500)

I love how Hai Kang tweaked their appetizers. Instead of serving cold cuts, they are offering 4 kinds of savory samplers.

Hai Kang’s Hot Chicken Salad

Sweet and Sour Spareribs, Prawns with Veggies, Spiced Crispy Squid

This starter was already a meal in itself – so good!

Hai Kang’s Prawn Laksa with Fried Mantou (Php 180 per piece)

WOW!!! This was ahmeyzing. Laksa in a Chinese restaurant? Why not?! By the way, this is not yet on their menu; but, you can order it to know how delectable this is. Don’t worry, Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant serves this per piece, together with a fried mantou on the side. ORDERING THIS IS A MUST.

Fried Tao-Pe (Beancurd) Roll with Country-Style Sauce (Large – Php 800)

Hai Kang’s Fried Beancurd Roll

It was stuffed with minced pork wrapped in fried beancurd skin, served with a creamy shrimp and potato sauce. The taste reminded me of Ylang-Ylang’s Diok Pit He. Yummy 🙂

Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant’s Kalabasa Seafood Soup (Large – Php 1,000)

Pumpkin soups are usually served plain or with sour cream topped with a dash of crushed black pepper. Here in Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant, they made the soup look more interesting and flavorful by adding quite a good amount of seafood – shrimps, squids, clams, crab sticks, scallops and fish. This is perfect for the little picky eaters 🙂

Steamed Eel with Lotus Leaves Rice (Php 1,800 per kilo)

If you fancy a gourmet fried rice, Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant prepared something special for you – freshwater eel and chorizo mixed in white rice with taosi sauce. The aroma of the lotus leaves on the rice was heavenly with the savory feast.

Egg White with Seafood (Large – Php 1,200)

Hai Kang’s Egg White Seafood Salad

Who would’ve thought that egg white can be so good? I choose egg yolk over the egg white all the time but this dish made me think twice now. When Hai Kang mixed the egg whites with shredded seafood and pork floss, they created a masterpiece worthy of that special spot on the menu. 

Fried Soft-Shell Crab with Salt and Pepper (Large – Php 1,200)

I must admit that this is by far my favorite, a very close race to my heart with the prawn laksa. Fried and crispy soft-shell crabs + Salt and Pepper + Salted Egg = ♥♥♥ 

No words can ever describe how I adore this dish. I can eat the whole order by myself and not worry about cholesterol and stuff. That’s how much I love Hai Kang’s soft shell crab dish.
Udon Noodles with Seafood Sate Sauce (Large – Php 700)
This is very much like Japanese restaurant’s seafood yakiudon  – only way better with the sate sauce 🙂
Fried Masachi Balls (Php 80, 4 pieces)
Hot Black Sesame Seed Dumpling Soup (Large – Php 500)

Say hello to new dessert alternatives: 

Instead of the usual mango sago, why not have Hai Kang’s sweet black sesame seed soup with sticky balls surprise? Also, you might prefer fried masachi balls over butchi. These might just give you that much needed satisfaction.


 227 Wilson St., Greenhills,
San Juan, Metro Manila

Contact Numbers:

Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant (Greenhills): Amazing Chinese Dishes

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  1. I think I wanna try the udon, prawns and masachi 😀

  2. wow! everything looks delicious!! gusto ko matry lahat!!! 🙂

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