Opus – The "FUN" Dining Room in Resorts World Manila


September 25, 2012 by jotan23

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Opus – The “FUN” Dining Room in Resorts World Manila

Opus Party Room

When we mention OPUS, fun+party+bar+drinks usually comes to mind; but, did you know that Opus also has a separate “Dining Room?” Known as the “anti-French dining” restaurant (not stiff), Opus puts “FUN” into dining with Chef Carlo Miguel being the mastermind of the refined molecular gastronomy dining experience.

Grand Entrance to Opus’s Dining Room

Opus Dining Room – private booths

“The Boardroom” is the favorite among diners

We all loved the high-back chairs and the modern wood+metal long table. Dining with class is certainly FUN!

We were served with a dish of crispy prosciutto (representing bacon), croutons, anchovy, egg salsa….

…mixed with romaine lettuce veloute and voila!
Caesar Salad Soup (Php 280)

When all the key ingredients are mixed together, your senses might get a little disoriented at first but you are sure it is a salad you’re having – unbelievably good!

Modernist Caprese Salad (Php 380)

If all salads were served in super fun ways like in Opus, I’m sure kids will order salad and not fried chicken anymore :p

Tomato turned into iced sorbet was so refreshing with a mild Tabasco kick. Basil leaves were foamed to provide that distinct flavor. You might be wondering where the balsamic vinegar is –  those are the tiny caviar you see on the plate. Moreover, be careful as you scoop the buffalo mozzarella pearls with your SPOON (emphasized with the utensil to be used) because it bursts in your mouth. See what I mean when I say Opus’s Dining Room is FUN?!

Duck and Foie Gras Sisig (Php 420)

risotto, calamsi air with toyo (soy sauce) air on the side

It was so good, I can eat this all day long. The french duck leg meat was so tender mixed with bits of crunchy chicharon to add texture. The chopped foie gras added so much flavor to the rich and creamy one-of-a-kind sisig. BEST dish to order before heading to Opus’s Party Room 🙂

Crispy Skin Salmon Fillet (Php 620)

This dish was inspired from Chef Carlo Miguel’s trip to Bangkok. The crispy skinned juicy salmon is complimented with Chilean mussels, foamy kaffir lime sauce and coriander gnocchi with coconut sauce – certainly packed with delectable SouthEast Asian flavors.

Sous Vide U.S. Beef Short Ribs (Php 980)

Okay, for those who wants to dine on the “safe” side, Opus Dining Room also offers staple dishes like their US beef short ribs sous vide for 2 days – cut it straight with your fork (yes, it’s that tender). And oh, you’re definitely going to fall in love with the baked onions (with bacon) on the side – an onion love affair will certainly begin in the lives of non-onion eaters.

Strawberries and Lemon Cocktail

It was like strawberry lemonade with a vodka base, highlighted by a dash of pepper and a hint of balsamic vinegar

White Peach Margarita
Dessert drinks make dinners more relaxing and enjoyable

Opus’s Banoffee Pie 2012 (Php 280)

According to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world is coming in 2012. This is Chef Carlo Miguel’s explosive modern take on a timeless classic. The caramelized banana was served with peanut powder, graham powder and frozen dulce de leche. These creates an ultimate banoffee pie fantasy when put altogether in one bite.

Molecular Lychee Martini

A dessert cocktail like no other – the vanilla flavored vodka was topped with scrumptious coconut cream with a lychee pearl surprise. Can you see the surprise? The concept is very similar to the mozzarella balls in the caprese salad 🙂

Chocolate Bacon and Hazelnut Cigar (Php 280)

The presentation was amusing – it was like a cigar on an ashtray with dry caramel as ashes. Eat this from end to end to be able to sample a bit of bacon chocolate on one side and hazelnut on the other end.

When In Manila, going to Opus is not just about partying but a FUN dining experience. The Dining Room is open to serve you awesome food art that invokes delightful reactions. 

OPUS – The Dining Room

2/F, Newport Mall
Resorts World Manila

Operating Hours:
Mon – Sat: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Closed on Sunday

For Reservations, Text or Call:

Facebook | Twitter | MenuWebsite

Opus – The “FUN” Dining Room in Resorts World Manila

2 thoughts on “Opus – The "FUN" Dining Room in Resorts World Manila

  1. The Duck and Foie Gras Sisig recipe is interesting! Looks delicious!

  2. fifileigh says:

    looks like a cool lounge/nightclub restaurant to dine at, similar to something from las vegas. the cocktails look good. but the fois gras is animal abuse.

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