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“The Hassig Family is dedicated to entertaining the tradition of fine Swiss Cuisine begun at Vieux Chalet in 1984 by Tony Hassig of Switzerland.

Because of its position at the very heart of Europe, Swiss cooking is a wonderful blend of French, German and Italian influences.

Vieux Chalet uses only the best and freshest natural ingredients to bring you a piece of Europe in the Philippines.”

Vieux Chalet


The restaurant offers a variety of dishes and also special party dining packages — the Matterhorn Party Packages.
It offers a new dining experience wherein food is seared to perfection on a slab of stone from Switzerland’s most famous mountain, The Matterhorn; hence the title “Matterhorn Party”
By the way, the Matterhorn package is for advance orders only.

Matterhorn Base Camp Party – Php 1,950
(good for 4 persons)
A rich palette of prime cut beef, chicken and pork

Matterhorn Peak Party – Php 1,950
(good for 4 persons)
Feast on fillet of fish, shrimp, mussels and squid

For regular dining, the menu offers soups, appies, pasta, pizza, beef, chicken, pork, lamb, drinks and of course, dessert.

Hors D’ Oeuvres 

Pate de Foie (served with bread and butter)
    medium – Php 285
    large – Php 385
Mozarella toast / Parmesan Toast – Php 285
Ham Platter (served with bread and butter) – Php 385
Smoked Norwegian Salmon (served with capers, onion rings and toasted baguette) – Php 485
Swiss Platter – assorted home-cured smoked specialties (served with bread and butter) – Php 585
Shrimp Mango Cocktail – Php 485
Sausage Festival – Php 385

Soup (Grandma’s Style Homemade Cream Soups) (serves 4-6)
Choice of Farmer’s (mixed vegetables), broccoli, asparagus, or mushroom
    medium – Php 325
    large – Php 425

We ordered ITALIAN SOUP (mixture of Pumpkin and Tomato).
It was not on the menu but Rico, the excellent server (you’ll love him), will recommend this to you. 
If not, then you simply should ask for it!
 Oh, if you like it spicy, go request for their homemade hotsauce! 
It’s perfect with the soup!!! and with everything else :p

Salads (serves 3-6)
Salad Zeny – Mixed vegetables with arugula, mushroom, pickles and hard boiled egg slices
    medium – Php 345
    large – Php 445
Salad Tony – Mixed vegetables with basil, black olives, mushroom, pickles and hard boiled egg slices
    medium – Php 325
    large – Php 425
Garden-fresh mixed vegetable salad
    medium – Php 345
    large – Php 445
Chicken Corn / Chicken Avocado Salad
    medium – Php 265
    large – Php 325

Pizzas (add Php 20 to make it larger)
Pizza de la Casa – Php 475
Home-cured ham, mushrooms, cheese and oregano 

 It’s very much like home-made pizza.

Pizza Napoli (Cheese and oregano) – Php 415
Pizza Filipino (Cheese and longganisa) – Php 455
Pizza Quatro Staggione (Four seasons Pizza) – Php 515
Pizza Neptunia (Mixed seafood) – Php 515

Swiss Specialties
Raclette – Php 185
Cheese Fondue, moitie-moitie – Php 1,300
(good for 4 persons)
Fondue Bourguignonne – Php 2,200
(good for 4 persons)
Vealbratwurst, Cervelat, Hungarian Sausage and Wienerli (with sauerkraut and rosti ) – Php 885
(good for 4 persons)
Bernerplatte (bacon, pork chop, sausage, garlic beans, sauerkraut and rosti) – Php 885

Pastas (serves 4-6 people)
Fettuccine Alfredo
    medium – Php 485
    large – Php 525

Fettuccine Padilla
    medium – Php 515
    large – Php 565
The pasta was just right — sauce was not too heavy nor too bland

 Cannellon (in tomato-cream sauce)
    medium – Php 425
    large – Php 485
Shrimp Ravioli (Al Panna or tomato-cream sauce)
    medium – Php 465
    large – Php 525
Ricotta Cheese Ravioli (in garlic tomato sauce or tomato-cream sauce)
    medium – Php 465
    large – Php 525

Fish and Seafood
Fresh Fish Fillet San Pedro (with homemade mayonnaise) – Php 485
Fresh Fish Fillet (in white wine sauce) – Php 485

This would’ve been a lot better if the fillet cuts were bigger.
The sauce was very ordinary (in my opinion)
Shrimps a la Judith (served with rice) – Php 685
Pink Salmon (in sauce Cade de Paris with vegetables and rosti, good for 2) – Php 785

Pork, Chicken, Beef and Lamb
 (organically grown) – Php 695
(serves 4-6)

Osso Bucco – veal shank in fresh basil and tomato sauce
    medium – Php 585
    large – Php 625
The sauce was too strong for me, but since the beef was very tender, we enjoyed it.
Beef Tenderloin (with sauce cafe de Paris)
    medium – Php 725
    large – Php 945
Beef Tenderloin (cream & fresh oyster/shitake mushroom sauce)
    medium – Php 750
    large – Php 975
Beef Tenderloin (with curry sauce)
    medium – Php 750
    large – Php 975
Beef Fillet Mignon (with onion and cream sauce) – Php 685
Pork Fillet Mignon (with onion and cream sauce) – Php 385
Smoked Pork Chop – Php 285
Smoked Pork Chop (with Cafe de Paris sauce) – Php 385
Smoked Pork Chop (with mushroom cream sauce) – Php 425
Lamb Stew (with curry sauce) – Php 525
Lamb Shoulder (with red wine sauce or curry sauce, served with rosti or herbed rice) – Php 725
This was one of my favorites among all the food we ordered.
It was PERFECT with the herbed rice.
If you like lambs (baa baa..), then you should definitely order this one!
It might not LOOK good, but it TASTES great!
oh, and it’s good for two!!!! 🙂

Mashed Potatoes
    small – Php 285
    medium – Php 325
Rosti (Swiss style potatoes)
    small – Php 125
    medium – Php 185
    large – Php 225
Sauerkraut – Php 185
Crispy backed noodles – Php 185
Garlic bread – Php 78.50
Bread and Butter – Php 68.50
Special 5-grain Bread (served with butter) – Php 88.50
 This is the best combo with the soup (with the hot sauce of course)

Swiss Quark Cake – Php 185
Butternut ice cream – Php 65

Carrot Walnut Cake a la mode – Php 125
Mango or Banan Flambee (with ice cream) – Php 125
Parfait au Chocolat (home-made Swiss chocolate) – Php 65
This is HEAVEN!!!
The texture is RICH and it is caught between an ice cream and a mousse.

Coffee & Tea
Freshly brewed coffee – Php 58.50
Espresso/Italian Brewed Coffee – Php 88.50
Special Cappuccino – Php 125
Coffee Jamaica – Php 125
Coffee Amaretto – Php 145
Choice of Herbal Tea (per pot) – Php 125

Health Drink
Fresh Cow’s Milk – Php 88.50
Fresh milk fruit shake (mango or banana) – Php 88.50
Fresh calamansi juice – Php 78.50
Fresh mango fruit juice – Php 78.50
Iced Tea – Php 58.50
Lemongrass cooler – Php 58.50
It tasted like Ginger Tea and we loved it!

Other Drinks
Mineral Water – Php 34.50
Softdrinks – Php 58.50
San Mig Beer – Php 58.50


House Wine (red or white) – Php 885
Swiss Wine
    white – Php 885
    red – Php 985
Wine by the glass
    white – Php 165
    red – Php 185


Brunch (Php 785, Php 885*)
(good for 2)
Swiss-style Sausage
Smoked Norwegian Salmon* (optional)
Home-cured ham and bacon
Swiss cheese
Bread and Butter
Home-made fruit jam
Fruit ir Juice
Fresh cow’s milk, coffee or tea
Swiss Farmers (Php 345)
Home-cured ham and bacon
Swiss cheese
Bread and Butter
Home-made fruit jam
Fruit ir Juice
Fresh cow’s milk, coffee or tea

Vieux Chalet is originally a house that was converted to a restaurant

They also sell food to go:
    Baguette / White bread – Php 65 / loaf
    5 Grain Bread – Php 95 / loaf
    Fresh Carabao’s Milk – Php 40 / bottle
    Fresh Cow’s Milk – Php 20 / pack
    Carabao’s Milk – Php 120 / liter
    Yoghurt – Php 150 / liter
    Home-cured smoked ham 250g – Php 185 / pack
    Home-cured smoked bacon 250g – Php 185 / pack
    Smoked Porkchop – Php 740 / kg
    Pre-cooked organic chicken – Php 450 / 1.3kg
    Home-made Pate de Foie – Php 285 / 150kg
Sauerkraut – Php 135 / bottle
Fruit jam – Php 88.50 / bottle
LemonGrass cooler – Php 75 / liter
Cakes and Pastries
    Apple Pie – Php 650
    Blueberry Cheesecake – Php 650
    Carrot Walnut Cake – Php 550
    Chocolate Cake – Php 550

It is best to call and make a reservation before going to Vieux Chalet.
This will ensure you a nice table with a good view, just like ours:
(oh, you might also want to ask if all the food on the menu is available because when we went there, they don’t have chicken.. boohuhu)

If you are looking for a new place to bring your date and you feel that you and your date have already been to Tagaytay gazillion of times, then Vieux Chalet, a jewel hidden in Antipolo, is the place to be! 
The view is romantic. The food is good and the service, it’s excellent!

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To make a reservation, 
call 697-0396 or text 0917-856-5175.
You may also email them at 

Now here comes the challenge…
How do I get to Vieux Chalet?
We opted to take the Ortigas Extension road since it is shorter than the Sumulong Highway (we were coming from Pasig, FYI)
Anyway, just follow the Ortigas Extension road until you get to choose if you’ll go to ANTIPOLO or TAYTAY. Of course, the obvious answer is go straight to the road going to ANTIPOLO.
Now here is the start where it gets complicated. You have to know WHEN to turn LEFT. 
You have to pay attention if you see a BIG island to your left. (This is right BEFORE you reach the YÑARES STADIUM). You have to TURN LEFT BEFORE the ISLAND.
You will reach another island. Just take the road where it says “ANTIPOLO”
Anyway, if you ever get lost, just ask the locals that you are looking for the VILLA CHRISTINA ARK.
So, assuming you didn’t get lost because you’re so good with directions, just keep driving and you will pass resorts such as BOUGAINVILLEA RESORT (to your right), etc. 
You’re quite near by now. just go STRAIGHT until you reach the “almost” end of the road. You will see signs that says CHRISTINA VILLA RESORT. 
Yey! Congratulations! You’re almost there!
So now, go straight, passing the GATE and choose the steep ROAD going UP (to the right).
(Be careful when you’re driving at night because the road is narrow and the area is dark.)
Tada! You should see Vieux Chalet at the first corner to your left. Finally! Hihihi

4 thoughts on “VIEUX CHALET in ANTIPOLO

  1. Anonymous says:

    what about the Meringues avec la crème double de Gruyère, hmmm miam miam ^

  2. gourmandtales says:

    not really impressed with the food here, though the view was fabulous…

  3. Dins says:

    when i inquired for reservation, i was advised by Michael (one of the employees i think) that they are opening a bed & breakfast…is that true?

  4. jotan23 says:

    Hi Dins,They actually have a bed and breakfast now :)it’s just beside their resto :)JoTan

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