Monthly Archives: May 2010

  1. Kitchen (Greenbelt 3, Makati)


    May 21, 2010 by jotan23

    It had been months since we last saw Ibyana. After having coffee, tea and cakes at Coffee Bean and Tea …
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  2. Intelligent Answers to School Exams


    May 21, 2010 by jotan23

    The following are very “intelligent” and “smart answers to school exams, which I received from an email :p

  3. Passion (Chinese Restaurant), Maxims Hotel, Resorts World Manila


    May 21, 2010 by jotan23

    We were very lucky to be able to visit Passion Restaurant during their Dry-Run Operations.ALL MEALS WERE SERVED FOR FREE!!!hehehehe …
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  4. Premium Frozen Yogurt (YOGO) at Coffee Cat (Davao)


    May 16, 2010 by jotan23

    Coffee Cat might be the only coffee shop in Davao that was gutsy enough to charge coffee drinks above 100 …
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  5. Penong’s – Best Barbecue House in Davao


    May 16, 2010 by jotan23

    No wonder Mang Inasal couldn’t penetrate the Davao market. Penong’s was here first and they do not seem to slow …
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  6. A Trip To Paradise Beach in Davao


    May 13, 2010 by jotan23

    A trip to Davao wouldn’t be complete without going to Paradise Beach in Samal. A 7 minute boat ride took …
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  7. Durian Halo-Halo at Aling Foping’s


    May 12, 2010 by jotan23

    It was too hot when I arrived Davao last March 15, 2010. So Ivy and I decided to cool down …
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